Letters to the Editor

Thanks for supporting Kids Kloset

Thousands of items of clothing, school supplies, children’s books, and personal hygiene items were collected recently for the Kids Kloset, a non-profit organization in Arlington that provides clothing, school supplies and other necessities to school children in the Arlington, Darrington, and Lakewood school districts.

  • Oct 8, 2010

Thanks to the Marysville Fire District

The Relay for Life keeps on giving even after the event is over. I would like to extend a big thank you to the Marysville Fire Department for their participation in the North Snohomish County Relay.

  • Jul 1, 2010

It’s nurture that determines potential

It seems that Mr. Kundu failed to read the statement on the Marysville School District web site: “… members of the board of education share a common vision for the Marysville School District. We seek to find ways to provide not just an adequate education for our children, but an excellent one.

  • Jul 1, 2010

Marysville School Board’s Kundu: ‘I adamantly reject racism’

I firmly believe that all children are capable of learning; I do not believe that any one specific racial group is superior or inferior to any other; I firmly believe that the Marysville School District is, and should always be, committed to all children in our district (including minority and tribal, ESL, special education, and 504 student cohorts, etc.).

  • Jun 15, 2010

Thanks to the Marysville Fire District

Dear Greg Corn, Fire Chief/Marysville Fire District,First off, thanks goes out to your team for the excellent work they did when they arrived at my… Continue reading

  • Mar 2, 2010

Honesty and integrity

Recently I was shopping at the Marysville Walmart store. The young lady ahead of me in the checkstand had purchased some items and then stated… Continue reading

  • Feb 23, 2010

Concern for kids

Thanks to Mr. Graef for his concern with mothers and their hand-held electronic (crack devices) toys. Our precious children have such a short window in… Continue reading

  • Feb 23, 2010

Food Bank thanks you

Because of the generous outpouring of support by the community of Marysville, the Marysville Community Food Bank was able to provide needy families with a… Continue reading

  • Feb 8, 2010

Marysville School District Bond and Levy

What a deal — More for less.As you drove through town this past weekend, you may have seen groups of citizens erecting large red and… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2010

Vote yes for our kids

On Feb. 9, the voters of Marysville will be asked to renew our school district’s levy and bond. I am the parent of two children… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2010

A vote for our schools is a vote for our future

There is a belief on all high school campuses that the football team can set the tone for the year. If that is true, in… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2010

Community will appreciate your yes vote

I am writing this to appeal to those of you who remember Marysville in the 1970s and how the bond and levy failures affected your… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2010

Keep it going

I am a Health and Fitness Teacher at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. My day begins and ends watching all of the different people the M-PHS Swimming… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2010

Let the kids sing

We are writing to encourage the citizens of Marysville to vote yes on the upcoming Marysville School District School Levy and Building Bond election on… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2010

Vote yes for MSD kids

I’m writing this letter to encourage everyone to vote for the replacement levy and new bond.As a parent with two children in the Marysville School… Continue reading

  • Jan 26, 2010

Invest in the future

When investing, we all know it is best to buy when prices are very low.The current economic problems create a buying opportunity for the citizens… Continue reading

  • Jan 26, 2010

Support your schools

I would like to take a few moments to talk about the Marysville School District.My children have been in the school district for a few… Continue reading

  • Jan 26, 2010

The bond and levy vote affects us all

The passing of the bond and levy is of great importance to me and my family. Along with being an eighth-grade Math teacher at Totem… Continue reading

  • Jan 26, 2010