Invest in the future

When investing, we all know it is best to buy when prices are very low.

The current economic problems create a buying opportunity for the citizens of the Marysville School District in the proposed bond and levy. Interest rates are at historic lows. Fierce competition for building projects has greatly reduced the cost of construction. The 1990 bond issue is paid off this year. These factors give us the opportunity to pass the proposed levy and bond and actually keep taxes lower than 2009 taxes.

The levy renews the 2006 levy which is expiring. It would provide $20 million per year to support the daily operation of schools. It is needed now more than ever, due to reduced state funding. The proposed bond would replace three obsolete schools, make health, safety and infrastructure repairs, fix structural problems at the M-P pool and keep technology current in preparing students for the future. Please invest in the future. Vote Yes for Marysville kids.

Don Whitfield

Co-Chair Citizens for Marysville Schools

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