Political cartoons

Rik Dalvit… Continue reading

  • Aug 29, 2017

Life house a lighthouse for homeless women

In Marysville there is a life house that ministers to women who find themselves in places where they never wanted to be. These women are… Continue reading

  • Aug 26, 2017

Praise and raze (Aug. 26)

Praise that moms are working out with their kids nearby to increase that bond. Praise that three Marysville cheerleaders received national honors. Praise to those… Continue reading

  • Aug 26, 2017

Targeted program helps re-engage students with school

Why is it that for some students the traditional high school experience does not work? How do we remove barriers for these students to ensure… Continue reading

  • Aug 26, 2017

In Our View: Maryfest sadly needs to move on

We appreciate Darren Doty. No one has done more for the Marysville Strawberry Festival than he and his family the past eight years. He has… Continue reading

  • Aug 19, 2017

Please give workers with disabilities a chance

I have a crippling disability. I cannot read. I cannot drive a car. I cannot even recognize the members of my own family. But most… Continue reading

  • Aug 19, 2017

Marysville: Showing up to school a big part of success

There is a popular quote that says, “80 percent of life is showing up”. When it comes to success in school and life, the positive… Continue reading

  • Aug 18, 2017

Responses give ACS Relay some things to think about

Thanks to all of you who responded to my recent column asking why more people don’t support the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. It… Continue reading

  • Aug 18, 2017

Many street improvements paid for with tax OK’d in ‘14

Since Marysville voters approved the formation of a Transportation Benefit District in 2014, the city has been making good progress on repairing and improving city… Continue reading

  • Aug 12, 2017

Vote for Jesica Stickles

Elect Stickles This is my recommendation for the re-election of Jesica Stickles to the Arlington City Council. I have gotten to know Jesica over the… Continue reading

  • Aug 8, 2017

I’m excited about both days of Stilly River Fest

I’ve been looking forward to these concerts all summer. The Stillaguamish Festival of the River and Pow Wow is one of my favorite local events… Continue reading

Distracted driving law goes too far

OLYMPIA — The state’s new law targeting distracted drivers sure is irritating folks. What’s riled them is not so much the outright ban on use… Continue reading

  • Jul 29, 2017

Summertime and the learning is easy

“Summertime and the living is easy…” the classic Porgy and Bess song exclaims; a slower pace with more time for reflection and conversation is welcomed… Continue reading

  • Jul 29, 2017

Why so little support for Relay for Life?

MARYSVILLE – Most of the time we provide you with information. But for once I’d like to turn the table. I need to get information… Continue reading

Letters to the editor (July 22)

Vote for Sutherland I have become weary of listening to politicians promise one thing and then govern differently. I stopped listening to what they say… Continue reading

  • Jul 22, 2017

Only 34 of 300 education bills signed into law

School board members are part of the Washington State School Directors Association. It works to further the education of school board members, and promote the… Continue reading

  • Jul 22, 2017

Praise and raze (July 22)

Praise to those involved in Relay for Life. We’re not sure why it’s not as big of an event as it used to be, but… Continue reading

  • Jul 22, 2017

Political cartoons

Rik Dalvit… Continue reading

  • Jul 18, 2017

Letters to the editor

Vote for Ihler I grew up living in Arlington with Chris and the Ihler family. They are great people with integrity, and Chris is someone… Continue reading

  • Jul 15, 2017