Hits and misses (Jan. 4, 2020)


All the people in Marysville who put up lights for Christmas. Seemed like more than usual. It was awesome.

Getting ready to build the new Civic Center in Marysville next month.

Mike Ferri for his long dedication to Marysville. He will be missed.

Shelly Henderson for driving school bus in Marysville for 41 years.

All the local athletes who made All-Wesco and All-Northwest teams.

All the Arlington and Marysville folks who volunteered and donated to the many charities that helped those in need this holiday season.

To local arts programs that provided holiday entertainment in the form of concerts and plays this season.

Marysville ice carver Chan Kitburi for his beautiful artwork.

Stuart Hunt and his fabulous Sonus Boreal choir in Marysville.

Marysville City Councilman Mark James for running for state office. We hope he’s ready after only two short years.

4 local people who were honored as Red Cross Heroes.

Cancer survivor Reese Estes, 5, and her family for giving out Christmas ornaments to patients getting treatment.

Andrew Kallio for breaking a 21-year-old diving record at M-P.

Artsy benches being placed around town in Arlington

Record amount of money donated to Arlington’s Santa Run.

Arlington High School for honoring military heroes at a recent boys basketball game.

Susan Kasch for donating a kidney to help fellow Marysville School District employee Diane Tillman.

4 being found guilty in killing of Tye Burley in Marysville.

Sno-Isle for its annual reading challenge

Miracle House for helping families.

All those involved in fixing up Cedar Field.

DNR for expanding how it obtains money for schools.

All who donate technology to Legacy High School for students to fix and provide to those in need.

Bruce Angell for being named Airport Person of the Year in Arlington.

2020 – let’s hope it’s an even better year than 2019.


All the hurried drivers during the holidays. We hope you got to your destinations safely, even though you put others at risk.

Not being able to put Christmas lights up on the water tower in Marysville due to safety concerns. That sadly ended a long tradition.

The four involved in killing a local man over a few thousand dollars in casino winnings.

Arlington pulling funding from the county health district. It deserves funding, as does the Community Resource Center.

The killer of beloved principal Lynn Heimsoth.