Hits and misses

  • Saturday, November 2, 2019 1:30am
  • Opinion


Salvation Army for bringing a cold-weather shelter back to Marysville. It was embarrassing not having one last year.

Marysville schools for improving security.

Marysville-Tulalip chamber for honoring local businesses.

Arlington police seizing weapons from a reported neo-Nazi.

All those who voted in the general election.

Laverne Moen for serving Marysville eaters for 35 years.

Windermere for donating money to shelter for Marysville TDs.

Tulalip Tribes for giving $7.2 million to local groups.

Angel of the Winds for its new expansion.

Marysville for pushing for more trades classes.

Marysville for trying to get new schools with a levy. Too bad it needs to be done that way as it will be more costly.

Arlington police for getting a use-of-force simulator

Arlington for starting a program to reduce non-emergency 9-1-1 calls

Anti-bullying campaign in Marysville schools.

Toy Store effort to help kids in need.


Arlington student for homemade explosive. And that some knew about it weeks before and did nothing about it.

Candidates who don’t show up for forums.

Hit-and-run driver who killed a local woman.

Marysville Little League president who stole $70,000.

That we still have to fall back this year. The state passes other laws and makes them effective right away. Why not this one?

Aggressive drivers. Don’t they teach defensive driving anymore?

Too-short right-turn lanes heading north and east at Lakewood at 172nd and 27th Avenue, causing long backups. That’s a fairly new intersection. Why was it planned so poorly?

No traffic officers or red-light cameras to catch violations.

Strawberry Fields has not been developed to its potential.

No active public arts community in Marysville like there is in Arlington.

The entryway to Marysville needs to be cleaned up to draw the development that’s desired.

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Hits and misses

Hits Salvation Army for bringing a cold-weather shelter back to Marysville. It… Continue reading