HIts and misses

  • Saturday, June 1, 2019 1:30am
  • Opinion


Marysville Rotary for giving out $178,500 in scholarships to Marysville graduates.

The AVID program for helping kids get scholarships who may not have gotten them otherwise.

All the companies coming to the Manufacturing Industrial Center. We hope locals get those jobs to improve their lives and keep folks off our crowded highways. To all those filing for local office. Should be some interesting races.

Marysville schools looking at trimesters. We wish it could be done sooner so ninth-graders don’t fall so far behind.

Arlington building a new fire station at Smokey Point without increasing costs to taxpayers.

Marysville-Tulalip Family of Volunteers for trying to get families to help out in the community together. The My Achievers Program for helping students who need extra help succeed.

To the Q casino for checking surveillence cameras to try to catch the thief who stole $800 from my son that he had won on the slot machines.

To all the spring sport athletes. They don’t get the recognition of some other sports, but they work just as hard, if not harder. Congratulations to those who made it to state.The Arlington Graffiti Brigade for its efforts against tagging.

The Sunnyside Village housing development for its effort to build community.

The Red Cross for giving away free fire alarms.

Arlington for Empowering Parents to recognize problems with vaping, other issues.

The state for helping Marysville fix up its Little League field.

All those involved with the city’s fishing derby.

Arlington’s code enforcement efforts.

Arlington students who designed bicycle racks for downtown. The co-working space in Arlington setting a trend for the future by offering child care.


The drive-by shooting in Arlington over a road rage incident. Cars are dangerous enough without people losing their cool.

It’s sad that the Salvation Army is pulling back some in Marysville. We are glad, however, that their importnat social service work will continue.

Shouldn’t people who complain about stuff be the ones who actually step up and try to make a difference to fix what they are complaining about?

The official whose call led to Marysville-Pilchuck’s soccer defeat at state. The players should decide the games, not the officials.

Shouldn’t people who preach diversity really be open to all points of views, not just the ones they agree with?

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