Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late

Marysville council to meet Thursday morning

Feb. 6 update:

The Marysville City Council has rescheduled the Feb. 4 work session to Feb. 7 at 8 :30 a.m. at City Hall, 1049 State Ave.

Arlington SD: Two hours Late. Limited bus transportation, no out-of-district transport, no Skills Center, no AM or PM APPLE preschool, no AM or PM Presidents preschool, athletics and after school activities as scheduled.

Marysville SD: Two hours late. No out-of district transportation. All buses operating on snow routes both a.m. and p.m. No Pre-School or ECEAP. No Sno-Isle Skill Center. No 21st Century Program or Middle School Club transportation.

Lakewood SD: Two hours late. Limited transportation routes. No out-of-district transportation. No Preschool or ECEAP.

Grace Academy: Two hours late. No a.m. preschool

MARYSVILLE – City street crews have been working 12-hour shifts around the clock since Sunday afternoon de-icing, sanding and plowing roads. 

Road clearing priority goes to arterials first, especially hills. Next are roads needed for police and fire access, then other city arterials.

A city news release Tuesday says if you need to drive, use good judgment and take your time.

When the Marysville School District is closed, which it is Tuesday, so is the Ken Baxter Community Center, along with all classes and activities that day. City Hall, Municipal Court and other city buildings may be on reduced schedule as needed for safety. Please call ahead to make sure.

Residential trash collection was canceled Monday and Tuesday. Staff makes that determination early each morning. If Marysville is your provider, you can leave your cans at the curb, and crews will try to get them later this week. If that doesn’t work, they will collect twice the amount on your regular day next week.

Monday, city Public Works director Kevin Nielsen advised everyone to “stay home.”

“Try to avoid” going out, he said. “Stay home if you don’t need to be out in it. It’s super slick.”

That was the case Tuesday, too, as snow turned to compact ice. And it might stay this way for a while. The weather forecast is for cold temperatures all week, with maybe more snow Thursday.

“We don’t experience this – we’re not accustomed to it – so work at home” if you can, Nielsen said.

He said the city has all seven of its plows out with sanders. If the snow stops they will start putting calcium carbonate on roads to keep them from icing up.

He said he hasn’t heard of problems in town with trees being down or power lines, but that is the case elsewhere in Puget Sound.

Locally, city plows stay on snow routes on the main roads. They don’t go into residential neighborhoods.

“We can get stuck, too,” he said. “If we get plows stuck, then we have a problem.”

As crews get tired, other city workers are put to work.

“The construction and vactor crews are pitching in,” he said.

He said there are vehicles in ditches and accidents everywhere because some people drive too fast.

“Safety is our number one priority,” he said, adding roads need to be clear for emergency vehicles so it’s best to stay off them.

“Emergency vehicles can’t get to where they need to be,” he said. “Some people like us have to get to work. But if you don’t, why risk it?”

For the latest updates, call the Emergency Alert Hotline at 360-363-8118.

Meanwhile, in Arlington, city spokeswoman Kristin Banfield said in an email that crews are continuing to plow and sand streets on 12-hour shifts. She said response times by emergency personnel may take a little longer because of road conditions.

Also, city offices closed at 3 p.m. Monday so staff could get home before dark. The City Council meeting was postponed until Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m.

Fast facts 

•During widespread snow and ice conditions, street personnel focus their removal efforts on arterials leading in and out of the city; arterials located on hills; fire and police access; and all other arterials within the city.

•Street crews maintain 196 miles of streets within the city, providing 24-hour coverage

•View the Snow Routes map at www.marysvillewa.gov/423/Snow-and-Ice-removal.)

•For the latest information, check out the city’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late
Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late
Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late
Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late
Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late
Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late
Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late
Local schools back in session, but 2 hours late