M’ville may expand SODA some tonight

MARYSVILLE – The Stay Out of Drug Areas in Marysville may expand some after tonight’s City Council meeting.

A recent annexation changed the city limits in the south. The resolution would reset the southern boundary along the waterline of Ebey Slough.

It would also make a minor modification to the eastern boundary so as to include the Totem Middle School playfields. They

are currently just outside the SODA.

Also on the agenda:

•A law regarding public indecency.

•Downtown Merchants Association event July 8 to close 3rd Street between State and Columbia for a “3rd Street Vintage Market” fair.

•Agreements with Lake Stevens, Stanwood, Kenmore and Anacortes for Outdoor Video services.

•Auctioneering agreement.

Also there will be presentations for Mayor’s Excellence and Employee Services awards, along with one by the Convoy of Hope.

The meeting starts at 7 at City Hall.