Marysville again will have a cold-weather shelter, but volunteers are needed

MARYSVILLE – The Salvation Army is looking for an army of volunteers to help run the only cold-weather shelter in the city this winter.

There wasn’t one in the city last year.

“We always hoped the Salvation Army could do it,” Mayor Jon Nehring said Tuesday.

That didn’t happen because of changes in leadership. But a recent move to 1108 State made it possible.

“It’s conveniently located. We’re grateful they stepped up,” Nehring said. “We can make sure no one is suffering out in the cold this winter.”

The mayor said he appreciates all the volunteers who work nights and early mornings to help.

“It’s a testament to the volunteer spirit of Marysville,” he said.

Social services coordinator Jenny Roodzant said help is needed from 8-11 p.m, 11-3 a.m. and 3-7 a.m. She expects the facility to hold at least 20 people. Women and children will be in one part, with men in another.

“It’s not ideal,” but it’s better than not having one, she said.

The shelter will be open after Nov. 1 any time the temperature falls to 32 degrees or below for four-straight hours.

Fire Chief Martin McFalls said Wednesday that the department is working with Roodzant to “make sure all of our most at-risk population is safe and sound during the inclement months that are upon us.”

Roodzant said it’s good for the Salvation Army to host the shelter because she knows the clients well.

“The churches have huge hearts,” she said, but the clients can be difficult. “The Salvation Army has a relationship with them, and they trust us.”

How to help

The Salvation Army runs on donations.

Checks can be sent or dropped off at the Salvation Army, 1108 State Ave., Marysville, WA.

Volunteers can contact Jenny Roodzant at 360-926-2228.