Breakdown of levy voting in Marysville

MARYSVILLE – With voters rejecting Marysville School District’s capital levy, The Marysville Globe analyzed precinct data to view how neighborhoods voted.

Among results for the $120 million special election measure to pay for new Liberty and Cascade elementary schools and security improvements at the other schools, among 14,895 ballots cast, the levy garnered 6,160 “yes” votes for 41.4% against 8,720 “no” votes, or 58.6%, well short of the 50 percent majority necessary to pass. Taxpayers would have paid an average $700 a year.

At Tuesday’s night’s school board meeting, director Chris Nation said the board is interested in interacting with the community to find out why the measure failed.

A closer look at voting trends around the district found the following:

•Among the 81 precincts, only 11 generated “yes” votes at a of 50% rate or higher.

•In neighborhoods where Liberty Elementary is located and local children attend, the two closest precincts voted 51% and 57% respectively in favor of a new school.

•In the three precincts closest to Cascade Elementary, “yes” votes were reported at levels of 60%, 52.9% and 38.8%, among 560 ballots cast.

Precincts in Tulalip showed the most support with Tulalip 6 leading the way with 76-39 approval, or 66%. Two others also were above 60%.

On the down side, precinct Shelton in north-central Tulalip voted 25.2% in favor, 71 to 211, and Firtree was at 26.4%, or 55-153.

The last time Marysville voted for building new schools was a bond in April of 2016. It needed a supermajority of 60% to pass, but received 50.53% approval. The vote was 6,924-6,779.

That bond was for $230 million, and the state was going to kick in $62.4 million. That measure would have built not only new Liberty and Cascade schools, but also Marysville and Totem middle schools and Marysville-Pilchuck High School, along with improve at all other schools.

The average $280,000 home at that time would have paid $320 a year for that property tax.


The capital levy failed 46.6% to 55%, or 1,452 votes in favor to 1,723 against. A Marysville precinct showed the most support with 61% approval while the Lakewood one has the lowest at 40%.

The other levy also failed 1,452 votes to 1,776, or 45% to 55%. Two Marysville precincts again showed the most support with 58% and 54% approval, while the Lakewood one again at the lowest favorable vote, 135 to 79, or a 37% approval.

Lakewood is discussing possibly running another levy in April.