Arlington won’t request a waiver, will make up all 5 snow days

ARLINGTON – The school board has OK’d five snow make-up days for when Arlington schools were closed in February.

Superintendent Chrys Sweeting said while the state provided an option to waive certain days, she and the board place a high priority on instructional time for students so thought it best to use the snow make-up days already in the student calendar.

The board approved making the days up on May 3, which had been set as an in-service day for staff, and June 17-20. June 20 will be an early release day, while staff in-service day will be June 21, school spokesman Gary Sabol said. 

State law requires that school districts provide a minimum of 180 school days and a district-wide average of 1,027 instructional hours per school year.

School was canceled Feb. 4-5, Feb. 11 and Feb. 12-13 due to snow and ice conditions.

Arlington High School’s graduation will still be June 13, with Weston High School’s ceremony June 12.