Candidates at the Election Forum at the Tulalip Casino. (Steve Powell/Staff Photo)

Candidates at the Election Forum at the Tulalip Casino. (Steve Powell/Staff Photo)

8 candidates square off at Election Forum

TULALIP – Candidates for one Marysville race and three Snohomish County races debated at an Election Forum Friday put on by the Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce at the Tulalip Casino.

Following are some of the comments they made:

Marysville City Council

Kelly Richards: Care about community, involved in it. Listens and talks to people for different ideas to find solution best for most people. Supports using former farmland at Cascade Industrial Center for economic growth. Regarding drugs, endorses embedded social worker program. Endorsed by many local leaders. Did not know about Transportation Improvement Project, but supports Swift bus service in 2025. Jeff Seibert: Sixteen years experience on council. On various committees. Brought more retail to town and did not raise taxes. Added to parks and improved transportation. Supports economic development at Soper Hill Road and Highway 9, along with CIC. Regarding drugs, voted for embedded social worker program and wants to work with medical to see what else could be done. Took two years off since losing race two years ago, but was very involved when on the council

County Sheriff

Ty Trenary: Has been innovative as sheriff with opioid crisis and homeless. Wants to move more procedures online to make it easier for public. When he took over deaths in jail were a huge problem. Said addicts and mentally ill now being served by medical personnel in jail. Pre-arrest diversion programs are making a difference. Says putting people in jail is the easiest thing to do with law enforcement. But that doesn’t work with addiction. “We need to get them help. It’s slow and painful, but we’re seeing reductions.” Said many addicts started with prescription drugs. Has had success with Cold Cases, property crimes unit and was a pioneer with embedded social worker program.

Adam Fortney: Patrol sergeant and five-time union president who is tired of hearing “no” from Trenary. Says crowding is not an issue at jail. Says officers are tired of jail refusals. “It’s a horrible feeling for police officers.” That’s his No. 1 issue. “No more free passes. Is what we’re doing working?” He wants to hold people accountable for their crimes, but not do away with social programs that work. Supports transparency. Endorsed by police labor unions. “We are screaming for change.”

Council Council District 2 (Tulalip)

Megan Dunn: Focus on livability, sustainability and affordability. Sustainable workforce. Protect environment. Make those involved with drugs and crime uncomfortable. Treat mentally ill and addicts. People above party and politics. Has already met with Tulalip Tribes. Wants to fund tribal liaison position. Equity in hiring and placement on committees. Will attend tribal events and put ballot box on reservation. In dealing with drugs, she likes the drug take-back program. Also supports outreach and asking the Snohomish Health District for guidelines. Has a track record of success people working together. Called by opponent the “green” candidate but says taxpayers will decide. Calls for balance of density in land use and increased efficiency.

Anna Rohrbough: Has bipartisan support. Focus on economic development, businesses come and stay. Remove barriers to affordable housing. Work with Tulalip Tribes. Remove barriers and build trust and collaboration. Regarding drugs, wants to use laws to disrupt the behavior of addicts and criminals. Supports a Dual Diagnosis Program to help mentally ill and addicts. She wants to work with parents so they stop enabling kids. Has elected experience and supports pathways for education. Wants to reduce traffic congestion with state and federal funds.

County Treasurer

Rob Toyer: Decided not to run for Maryville City Council again to give others a chance. But was asked by others to run for treasurer. Wants to focus on investing tax money better than what is being done now. Wants to improve customer service. Endorsed by 30 leaders in county.

Brian Sullivan: Wants to educate public on Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Says foreclosure funds need to be reformed. Endorsed by past treasurer. Wants to work closer with assessor. Supports rainy-day fund, cost controls and transparency.

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