Best Pre-Workout for Beginners – Top 5 Product Brands to Buy

It can be a bit difficult for a newbie to the workout scene to know just which beginner pre-workout supplement is ideal to include in a daily routine. On top of the fact that the whole idea is new to them, and that they have no knowledge of any of the supplements on the market, there are a great many pre-workout formulas to choose from.

Making things even worse is the fact that new manufacturers are constantly jumping into the marketplace with their products. The market for pre-workout supplements is very strong right now, since so many people have become health-conscious and are striving for an improved state of fitness. That has encouraged new providers to develop their own proprietary blend of ingredients so that brand new products can be offered to the workout crowd.

In order to make sense of the vast array of possibilities, we’ve provided descriptions of five of the very best supplements currently available. Keep in mind that pre-workout formulas are all designed to help you in different ways, and to accomplish different objectives for users. Make sure that the formula you choose syncs up with your own workout objectives, so you’ll have the best chance of maximizing your workouts and getting where you want to go.

Why are pre-workout supplements necessary?

Most people are obliged to do their workout routines after work, which means by the time they get to the gym, they’ve already put in a full workday. After you’ve already become exhausted from all the mental and physical commitment required by your job, it can be hard to dig down deep and come up with the energy necessary for a meaningful workout.

It won’t do you much good to sleepwalk through a workout routine, because your muscles won’t be taxed, your stamina won’t build up, and you won’t be burning any calories. The motivation you need to throw yourself into a hard workout after already ‘working out’ on the job can be supplied by a good pre-workout supplement.

Most formulas include at least one ingredient that is capable of giving you an immediate energy boost, so you can really apply yourself and make that workout worth your while. As mentioned above, pre-workout supplements are often designed to address a particular objective, for instance gaining muscle mass, losing weight, increasing stamina, or adding muscle tone.

Most pre-workouts also include ingredients to help you recover quickly after a workout, so you don’t spend the rest of your day utterly exhausted. After all, once you finish in the gym, you probably have some commitments at home to attend to. Family needs will require you to be alert and ready to assist family members in whatever ways they may need you.

That means you’ll need energy beyond your workout, and you won’t want to walk out of the gym with aching muscles that keep you glued to the couch that evening. You can probably choose any of the five pre-workouts described below and have a good choice, but remember that your ultimate choice should be a supplement that fully aligns with your own workout goals.

If you’re interested in losing weight, you won’t want to settle on a supplement that is designed to increase muscle mass. Use the list below as a starting point if you’re a newcomer, and while you’re maximizing your first few workouts, you can begin to educate yourself about the various supplements available in the marketplace. You might very well decide there is a formula that better suits your needs.

Until then, try one of the five pre workouts for beginners listed below, and you can expect positive results from whichever one you choose.

XWERKS – Editor’s Choice


Of all the pre-workout supplement products on the market place, this is one of the most popular, and its formula has not changed since it was first marketed. Many people love the fact that there are no side effects associated with taking this supplement, either during a workout or afterward during recovery.

The manufacturer has included ingredients which deliver sustainable and refreshing energy, and help you to avoid that crash and burn feeling once you’ve completed your exercise regimen. One of the interesting things about this supplement is that it increases the level of nitric oxide in your body, and that helps to ensure that you don’t run short of energy at any time during the routine or afterward.

That means you won’t have to bother taking any kind of stimulant like caffeine to keep you going, because everything you need is included in this pre-workout. The company claims that its formula is the best at avoiding physical and mental fatigue following a workout, and it allows you to transition to a normal physical state very smoothly and effectively.

Its formulation was specifically intended to deliver increased muscle growth, quicker recovery time, and a huge boost of power during workouts. If you want to try a rock-solid pre-workout supplement that delivers on all its claims, this product should be at the top of your list.

Formulation Powder
Ingredients CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, L-tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, vitamins B6 and B12, and caffeine.
Dosage 1 serving daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $49
Money-back policy 30-day money-back guarantee


Transparent Labs


This company has a very solid reputation in the Pre-Workout supplement industry, largely because it markets a whole slew of bodybuilding supplements which have all been proven effective at helping users achieve their fitness goals. Within the category of pre-workouts, there are six different offerings delivered by this manufacturer, each one of them being capable of delivering a significant energy boost to help you get through even strenuous workouts.

The company has made a conscious choice to include only those ingredients which have scientific backing, meaning that they have been shown to be effective at accomplishing your workout goals. In addition to that, the company researched the dosage level for each of these ingredients and has included the optimum dosage to help you maximize your weight loss, increase of muscle mass, and greater supply of energy.

If you’re someone who’s looking to build muscle mass while also enjoying a major energy level boost, this could be the product for you. This particular product is considered a very versatile and all-around type of product, which provides a number of benefits all in one container. You would be hard-pressed to find a more useful product in this price range, and that makes it a solid choice for your pre-workout supplement as a beginner.

Formulation Powder
Ingredients Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Sodium, Zinc, Potassium, Boron, Beta-alanine, L-tyrosine, Taurine, L-theanine, Caffeine, and Theobromine
Dosage 1 serving daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $40
Money-back policy 90-day money-back guarantee


Pre Lab Pro


The objective with creating this pre-workout was to help users achieve maximum strength and stamina during daily workouts. In order to do that, the manufacturer has tried to unleash all the most powerful elements inside your body, and to get you fully participating in a rigorous workout. The manufacturer considers this product to be next-generation ergogenic, and the benefits that it provides will help you get through even the most difficult workouts.

According to the manufacturer, this supplement will help you recover more quickly after a difficult workout, and while you’re actually engaged in the workout, you’ll realize a significant energy boost. This will help maximize your cardio performance, increase your strength and endurance, and add stamina to your ongoing workouts. Every time you go to the gym for a workout, you can expect to have your best performance, and by extension, to achieve the most you are able to in the area of fitness.

Pre Lab Pro includes only those ingredients which have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to workout enthusiasts, and which will help you to become fitter faster. Given the fact that it is marketed at a very affordable price, it outperforms a number of other more expensive pre-workouts in the marketplace. From the moment you begin using this pre-workout, you can expect to notice results from each workout.

You’ll feel more energized when beginning a workout, you’ll be able to last longer as you go through each stage of your workout, and when it’s all over, you’ll also recover more quickly. Even when using most pre-workout supplements, there is usually a crashing effect afterward, when you have completely finished with the workout and are resting up. This product eliminates that crash and burn sensation, and it moves swiftly into the recovery phase so that you can get on with the rest of your day.

Formulation Powder
Ingredients Natural caffeine, Setria performance blend, red beetroot powder, vasodilation, natural caffeine, and L-theanine
Dosage 1 serving daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $59
Money-back policy 30-day money-back guarantee


Crazy Bulk


This is actually one of the newer products to hit the marketplace, but that doesn’t mean the manufacturers don’t know their stuff about the physics and the mechanics of good workouts. In order to help you achieve all your goals and objectives with health and fitness, the company includes 19 ingredients in the formula of this product.

Each one of these ingredients is intended to help you perform better during a workout, and to get a major energy boost without causing you to get jittery or anxious. Despite delivering a huge power burst during your workout routine, you’ll still be able to recover quickly afterward at a smooth and uniform pace. During the workout itself, you can count on being very focused, and it will help you to achieve everything you want during the workout.

One of the effects this formula has on your body is to stimulate optimal blood flow, which will help to reduce any muscle fatigue that might develop as a result of your workout, and spur you on to your best exercise performance. Many world-class athletes have taken a shine to this product because it is capable of delivering a huge energy boost, which in turn increases athletic ability over time.

Regular users of this product have found that it helps them through even the most intense workouts, and yet there’s a smooth recovery afterward. One of the reasons that this particular formula is so good at helping you through vigorous workouts is that it contains a blend of world-class protein variants. The protein will deliver energy for a long period, and you’ll be able to draw on it even after your workout.

There is also a large dose of whey protein isolate, and this is excellent for increasing muscle mass, if that’s one of your goals. Another of the 19 unique ingredients included in this formula are amino acids, and they will help to eliminate any kind of muscle cramping during and after your workout, as well as some other unpleasant side effects.

Despite the fact that there are so many ingredients in the formula, all of them are natural and safe, and there’s no problem mixing them when you’re preparing a pre-workout drink. One last desirable attribute of this product is it’s appealing taste, and that can be quite persuasive since many other pre-workouts have only a neutral taste to them.

Formulation Powder
Ingredients KSM-66 ashwagandha extracts –a pretty rare form of ashwagandha, and EnXtra –powerful caffeine boosting compound
Dosage 1 serving daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $60
Money-back policy 60-day money-back guarantee


Testo Prime


The claim to fame for this pre-workout is that in addition to its workout benefits, it also is capable of helping men with low testosterone levels. As anyone bothered by this condition can tell you, it can cause low energy levels and a lack of Interest in many activities, including sex. This supplement offers a natural way to increase your testosterone levels, at the same time that it can help you to build up stamina by engaging in vigorous workouts.

With this double-pronged approach to increasing your motivation, you can be up to your old level of performance fairly quickly, and possibly even exceed that level. Manufacturers claim that it can help add lean muscle, burn unwanted fat stores, increase hormone levels, add to your motivation, increase your physical and mental energy, stimulate protein synthesis, and increase your confidence.

If that seems like a long laundry list of benefits, it most certainly is. However, the fact that this is one of the most popular pre-workouts in the marketplace is some indication of its effectiveness at helping you. On top of all this, the company assures buyers that this product will achieve better results than the vast majority of other supplements on the market, and that it will work faster as well.

Many people who have used this pre-workout do achieve results fairly quickly, and are very pleased with what they’ve been able to accomplish using the supplement. You can also expect to avoid all the unpleasant side effects like muscle cramping, since there’s a healthy dose of amino acids included in the formula.

The manufacturers claim that every portion consumed by a user will help you to get through even the most strenuous workouts. It is also known to accomplish weight loss at least as well as most other products in the marketplace, and it generally even exceeds the results of other products.

Formulation Capsules
Ingredients D-Aspartic Acid, Panax Ginseng, KSM 66 Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, Green Tea Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Garlic Extract, Black Pepper Extract
Dosage 4 capsules daily
Side effects Zero side effects
Price $60
Money-back policy Lifetime money-back guarantee


What criteria are used to evaluate pre-workout supplements?

When experts review the many pre-workout supplements in the marketplace, they have to use a specific set of criteria in order to differentiate between all the products being offered. Users of these products will evaluate them on the basis of how effective they are, and how well they do at providing a needed energy burst, or at helping to recover more quickly after a workout.

People who are simply evaluating each of the pre-workouts are obliged to use a different set of criteria which are independent of the opinions of consumers of the products. There are some solid criteria which can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of any pre-workout supplements, and many of those criteria are explained below.

If you’re a beginner to the Pre-Workout supplement world, you should pay close attention to the criteria listed below, because you may want to use them as part of your own evaluation process. These can help you decide between products, and that can increase the effectiveness for you so that you get the most out of any product you choose to consume.

Company reputation

As mentioned above, many manufacturers are just now entering the market with their new pre-workout products. This is understandable, given the fact that these kinds of supplements are more popular now than ever, with more workout enthusiasts consuming them. That means there are dozens of companies offering their products in the marketplace, and it’s a good idea to start your evaluation right at the beginning, with the manufacturer of any product you’re considering.

In the case of considering any particular manufacturer, you’re generally better off sticking to the older more established companies which have been in the marketplace for quite a while. This is not to say that some new company can’t possibly produce an excellent product.

It just means that the more established companies have been around awhile, and their products have proven to be effective and accepted by the user community. Although it’s possible that a brand new company could enter the marketplace with a great product, it’s not quite as likely as it would be for a more veteran company to produce an outstanding pre-workout.

Effective dosages

Many manufacturers go to great lengths to include ingredients which have all scientific backing, and are known to produce positive results for workout enthusiasts. However, it’s not enough to simply include these ingredients in your formula, because if they’re not present in the right dose, they won’t have the desired impact on your workouts.

Be wary of companies that don’t publish the list of ingredients, or the level of dosage included for those ingredients. When you’re a beginner and not sure of exactly what you’re getting in a product, it’s best to avoid it altogether, and stick with a company that does list all ingredients, as well as the levels of dosage for each one.

Honest claims

Another situation to steer clear of when you are considering pre-workout supplements are those which make exorbitant claims about fantastic benefits delivered. You’ll notice which ones these are right away, because they are the loudest advertisers in the marketplace, and they make the most unbelievable claims for their products. You’re much better off purchasing products from manufacturers who make honest claims and don’t overdo it, so that it can be said their product actually delivers on all claims made by the company.

Pricing and value

As with any other marketable product, there is a considerable range of value and pricing that you might derive from any supplement currently on the market. Keep in mind that you won’t necessarily find the best fit for your workout needs with the cheapest product obtainable. It might very well be that the ideal product for you is in mid-range pricing or in the upper range. The only way you’ll be able to determine this is by a little bit of experimentation and by gauging the results you obtain from any given product.

Unless someone you trust gives you a strong recommendation about a particular product, you pretty much have to go through a trial and error phase to find out which product suits your needs and provides you with the best results. If that’s a product you can afford on a regular basis, then you can stick with it and enjoy continuous benefits.

Artificial ingredients

On the whole, people are much more aware of the products they eat these days, because they’re trying to monitor everything that goes into their bodies. Workout enthusiasts are definitely in this category, and many of them go to great lengths to ensure that they include only natural ingredients in the products they consume.

What they’re trying to exclude from their diet are any kinds of artificial flavorings, sweeteners, preservatives, or any other additives that don’t bring nutritional value. Therefore, the products described above in our Top 5 list are all composed primarily of natural ingredients which deliver health benefits, and which add no undesirable elements to your diet, such as weight gain, jittery feelings, or other unwanted characteristics.


As a beginner, choosing a pre workout supplement can be an overwhelming task. Hopefully we helped make that decision a little easier so you can get back to focusing on your fitness journey. Good luck!

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