Rise of The Phoenix Reviews (Sebastian Harris Global Seducer)

The dating guru Sebastian Harris developed the digital program Rise of The Phoenix. It’s available as a book that’s easy to read and contains some MP3 files/podcasts.

After years of study, experience, and experimentation, Sebastian decided to compile his knowledge so that he could help men discover the methods needed to seduce and permanently hook up the women they are after.

In other words, Rise of The Phoenix assists men of all sorts of backgrounds in learning how to seduce women. The reason why ugly-looking gentlemen attract the sexiest ladies is simple. These men know just how to maintain their composure no matter the circumstances.

Those guys with the specific trait of being welcoming and self-assured manage to attract all kinds of women. On the other hand, some men need to learn what self-assurance means. They can never hook up with women if they don’t see that they’re excellent people.

Rise of The Phoenix teaches the few tactics and methods that men could use to make ladies go bonkers for them. With the help of this program, men will be allowed to fulfill all their fantasies and desires. This curriculum has so many mind-blowing secrets that the guys who follow it will be able to get any woman into bed.

Rise of The Phoenix Chapters

Rise of the Phoenix is structured in chapters that provide a wealth of information on how men should talk and act around women. Below are the short descriptions of each of the program’s five chapters:

Chapter 1

This chapter gives several regulations, guidelines, and methods that make any man incredibly alluring to women. The Rise of The Phoenix techniques presented here can turn boys into men who can overcome their worries and concerns regarding themselves.

Chapter 2

This second chapter dispels the misconceptions and falsehoods that have been spread about women or the way they think. It consists of several strategies that help men continue to be every woman’s dream. At the same time, it helps with preventing rejection.

Chapter 3

This third chapter describes where and how to meet emotionally stable women. It makes it easier for men to locate and meet the ladies who fit their desires. Guys can become natural chick magnets thanks to this chapter of the Rise of The Phoenix, as they get to be enabled to meet ladies that satisfy their interests.

Chapter 4

The fourth chapter is where the real action starts because it features many strategies for getting women to approach men and ask them out on a date. In only 76 seconds of engagement, the ladies can be compelled to want to go out with a man. Rise of the Phoenix is of great help when grasping a woman’s reasoning or the strategies she uses when wanting to go to the bedroom.

Chapter 5

The fifth chapter is focused on destroying any Disney romantic ideal by helping understand how psychological flaws affect women. This Rise of The Phoenix chapter also teaches men the best ejaculation techniques so that they will want to have sex every day.

Does Rise of the Phoenix Come with Bonuses?

For those men who wish to enjoy themselves while dating many women, the Rise of The Phoenix Program is the most comprehensive and complete bundle a guy could get his hands on. Using the Rise of The Phoenix approaches and techniques, men can skillfully end up dating and having sex with women. Bonuses to the program include:

  • International Dating Domination: This tutorial explains how to meet different women, including international ladies, all without having to make any significant efforts.
  • The Unethical Text Message Cheat Sheet: It contains simple messages to just copy-paste and does wonders for any man’s life.
  • The Cocky Cold Approach Cheat Sheet: Whatever the circumstances, men who use this bonus will never be out of things to say. When their lady has doubts, they will know just how they can approach her.
  • The Antidote To Your Approach Anxiety Audio Course: All of the men’s worries and fears will be eliminated thanks to this tremendous audio course.

How Much Does Rise of The Phoenix Cost?

Rise of The Phoenix regularly costs only $59.99, but now the program is offered at a reduced price of $19.99. Payments can be made via credit or debit card and through PayPal too.

A 30-day money-back guarantee backs all Rise of The Phoenix purchases. Customers who want to ask about this product or its warranty can use the contact form on the Rise of The Phoenix official website.