Hundreds of Marysville students win thousands of dollars in scholarships, awards

MARYSVILLE – As 10 high school graduates received scholarships from the Soroptimists Tuesday, speakers talked about how they hoped someday the young women would return and give back.

Nancy Schaut heard a similar message in 1988 when she received a Soroptimist scholarship upon graduating from Marysville-Pilchuck. After graduating from Western Washington University in business administration she eventually did come back to the area in 2005 and joined the Marysville Soroptimists.

She said she hopes the 10 girls take the message to heart. “It impacted me,” Schaut said. “Now I run my own business. People believed in me.” She said Soroptimists is a good organization to belong to.

“You’re not just throwing money away,” she said. “You know you are making an impact in the community. You can see it.” Schaut handed out “Wonder Woman” necklaces to the 10 winners:

•Marysville Getchell – Auria Coons-Hale and Hannah Jones.

•M-P: Melanie Ryan, Angela Stefoglo, Eleanor Wilde, Catherine Baxter, Katelyn Melohusky, Sarah Turral, Sarah Romero, and Cecilia Watson.

Each of the girls received a $1,500 scholarship.

Cadet Lt. Kaitlyn Norris also received a gift from Soroptimists for the M-P Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp program.

Also Tuesday, the Marysville Kiwanis Club introduced this years Boys of the Month, their alternates and other scholarship applicants at the awards ceremonies at MG and M-P.

The club then presented $750 scholarships to Daniel Amador of M-P and Devon Rose of MG, along with $500 scholarships to Kevin Bui of MG and Cameron Code-Muck of M-P.

Mayor Jon Nehring opened the Soroptimists program. “It’s so amazing about our youth today,” he said. “So many activities – from morning to night.”

Marysville School District school board member Chris Nation continued the theme of giving back to the community.

“You are the generation of change,” he said, adding it’s up to them to maintain humanity in a time of decimated resources.

Fellow school board member Pete Lundberg took the giving back theme even further.

“Giving beats receiving,” he said, adding that they feel good right now receiving a scholarship, but that giving “so far surpasses that.”

Last week, the Rotary Club of Marysville gave out its awards, led by Amiya Alcocer with $12,000.

Other winners were:

•M-P: Lillian Thompson, Deacon Mongar, Trevor Anderson, Wesley Hicks, Lauren Carson and Cohleen Villejo, $1,000 each.

Melohusky, Stefoglo, Turral, Baxter, Joe McCoy, Jarred Edge, Nicole Roullier, Kaliya Moen, Katie Barrett, Samantha Berry, Allyssa Burrows, Dakota Williams, Kyla Morrison, Philip Howat, Samantha Cruz and Jaimie McGinnis, $1,500 each.

Romero, Ashley Ruiz, Nathan Novy and Cheyenne Coe, $2,000 each.

Watson, Wilde, Brianna Jason and McKenzie Justice, $2,500 each.

Melanie Ryan and Daniel Amador, $3,000 each

Olivia Lee, $4,000

Susana Barbosa Cadano, $5,000

Abbie Braun, $6,000.

Fatima Ai-Rikabi, $7,500

•MG: Jessica Abele, Benjamin Granger and Hibaaq Arte, $1,000 each.

Coons-Hale, Carlos Pineda-Lopez, Abigail Pfeil and Emmaline Savidge, $1,500 each.

Jones, McKenzie Sumsion, Hayli Huhta, and Emily Hoot, $2,000 each.

Shaylie Bonner, $2,500.

Eden Nhu Au Nguyen and Francinne Alarcon, $3,000 each.

•Mountain View: Dylan Bruner, $1,000.

•Arts and Tech: Jay Morton, $1,000.

•Lakewood: Nicholas Nelson and Kyle Trapp, $1,000 each; Jonathan Cox and Paige Shimkus, $1,500 each.

•Grace Academy: Colby Christison, $1,500.

More scholarships and awards


Clint Thomason Memorial Scholarships: Lauren Carson and Josiah Gould

O’Callahan Family Scholarship: Samantha Cruz

Todd Evans Memorial Scholarship: Olivya Cerdinio

Afton Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star: Susana Barbosa

MP Strong: Korban Hooker

M-PHS PTSA 7.4.50 Scholarships: Cheyenne Coe, Melanie Ryan, Angela Stefoglo, Catherine Baxter

MSD Foundation: Trevor Anderson

MSD Foundation – Caring for Your Community: Cheyenne Coe

Port Gardener Vintage Auto Club: Russel Swanson and Joshua Nuckols

Kellogg Marsh PTA: Katelynn Melohusky

April Friesner Memorial Royalty: Sarah Turral and Katelynn Melohusky

Todd Bevan Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Turral

EVCC Academic Excellence Award: Kassidy Aldrich

Pilchuck Soccer Alliance – Ken Coutler/Windsor Main Memorial Scholarships: Sarah Turral and Nate Novy

President’s Volunteer Service Award: Eleanor Wilde and Brandon Randall

Joey Dettrich Baseball Foundation: Eric Anderson and Katie Barrett

Tomahawk Booster Club Scholarship: Deacon Mongar and Olivia Lee

WIAA Cliff Gillies Student Awards: Devin Darden and Chloe O’Loughlin

Tomahawk Scholar of the Year: Olivia Lee, Josiah Gould, Kee-An Ballard, Lauren Carson

Marysville CTE General Advisory Committee: Joshua Nuckols

NJROTC Awards: Eleanor Wilde, Cole Hanshaw, Cameron Code-Muck

MPHS Faculty Award: Devin Darden and Olivia Lee

Cedar Grove Seeds for Scholars: Jaimie McGinnis, Valeria Lizarraga

Seal of Bilteracy: Anyeli De Lira, Jonathan Lucero Ramos, Alondra Carretero, Daniel Guzman, Brandon Bracamontes, Pedro Portillo-Montes.


PTSA Scholarship Winners: Abbie Braun, Carson Mielke, Emmaline Savidge, Hannah Jones

Charger Athletes of the Year: Abby Pfeil, Carson Mielke, Ian Roskelley

EVCC Associate Degree Completers: Abigail Pfeil, Ahren Alia Teerlink, Alexander Nistor, Anita Ponomarenko, Anthony D Seng, Carlos E Pineda-Lopez, Haley Morgan Swearson, John Bailey Archer, Jessica Lyn Abele, Josh Bacon, Julia Elise White, Justin Eugene Miller, Kailin Claire O’Neal, Kelsey Marie Fitterer, Kevin Thuong, Kien Bui, Megan E McReynolds, Micah Elijah Brewer, Yuliya V Onyshchuk, Vanyamin Babak, Samantha L Stout, Madeline Kae Corbett, Maguire G Rossnagle, Mahek K Sharma, Nicholas Anders Nehring, Olivia Diana Velasquez, Shane M Reichlin, Shawna Louise Martin, Shaylie Lynn Bonner. Faculty Award: Alyssa Gomez, Max Melton, Evey Gutierez, Ben Granger, Komal Gill, Caden Natterstad, McKenzie Sumsion, Carson Mielke

EvCC Academic Excellence Scholarship: Ani Bleakley, Tarah Lange, Marie Linares, Nathan Pamintuan

Students of the Month: Ben Granger, Zachary Farry, Caden Natterstad, Nathan Pamintuan, Carson Mielke, Nathaniel Faber, Devon Rose, Kevin Bui, Eden Au Nguyen, McKenzie Sumsion, Francine Alarcon, Megan McReynolds, Jamie Phung, Brianna Hammontree, Restine Hernandez, Tonimarie Gamalinda

Valedictorian: Caden Natterstad, Carson Mielke, McKenzie Sumsion, Tran Thanhnhy, Francinne Alarcon, Madeline Corbett, Salutatorian: Devon Rose, McKean Gray, Yuliya Onyshchuk, Zachary Farry

WIAA Cliff Gillies Award: Caden Natterstad, Eden Au Nguyen

Randy Privrasky Memorial Scholarship: Caden Natterstad American Fire Sprinkler Association: Daniel Popach

Seal of Biliteracy: Fatima Acevedo, Evelyn Gutierrez, Laura Hernandez, Kaitlyn Krystiniak, Mary Cruz, Miranda Mirales, Mauricio Gonzalez, Valeria Lizarraga, Shantelle Perez-Guerrero, Taira Rie, Lindsy Roman, Charger Scholar Athlete of the Year: Hannah Jones

Kent Coulter Windsor Main Memorial Scholarship~Pilchuck Soccer Alliance-Samual Balka, Carson Mielke

Marysville School District Foundation Scholarship: Emmaline Savidge Knights of Columbus Scholarship-: Mary Cruz Morales Miranda

Kellogg Marsh PTA: Hayli Huhta Juan Mendoza “Drive Safe” Memorial Scholarship: Ben Granger and Emma Savidge

President’s Education Awards: Alexander Nistor, Alisa Whorton, Anita Ponomarenko, Auria Coons-Hale, Ben Granger, Brianna Hammontree, Carson Mielke, Chloe Burns, Cindy Cha, Christina Mora, Eden Au Nguyen, Emma Ha, Emmaline Savidge, Francinne Alarcon, Gared McBride, Haley Swearson, Hannah Albert, Hannah Jones, Jamie Phung, Jessica Abele, John Archer, Jordan Johnson, Juliana Lopez-Gomez, Justin Good, Kane Tyler, Kelsey Fitterer, Kevin Bui, Madeline Corbett, Maguire Rossnagle, Marie Linares, McKean Gray, McKenzie Sumsion, Megan McReynolds, Michelle Fouard, Nathan Faber, Philip Kochubey, Restine Grace Hernandez, Ronel Magtoto, Samuel Scoville, Samuel Balka, Shane Reichlin, Shawna Martin, Tavvi Moore, Thanhnhu Tran, yojairo Torrees, Yuliya Onyshhcuk, Ziyu Zhu, Zachary Farry.

Washington Principal Scholars: Auria Coons-Hale, Caden R Natterstad, Carson Mielke, Francinne Alarcon, Haley Swearson, Hannah Albert, Jedi Hofman, Jordan Johnson, Kelsey Fitterer, Maguire Rossnagle, McKean Gray, McKenzie Sumsion, Thanhnhu Tran, Yojairo Torres, Yuliya V Onyshchuk, Zachary L Farry

Washington Honors: Francinne Alarcon, Hannah Albert, Eden Au Nugyen, Kevin Bui, Chloe Burns, Coons-Hale, Madeline Corbett, Kelsey Fitterer, McKean Gray, Brianna Hammontree, Jedi Hofman, Yogairo Torres, Thanhnhu Tran, Alexander Nistor, Yulia Onyshchuk, Shane Reichlin, Emmaline Savidge, Samuel Scoville, Haley Swearson, Ziyu Zhu.

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