Please vote yes on Arlington school bonds

Vote for Arlington schools

The February and November 2018 school bond proposals received majority approval by Arlington School District voters, but did not reach the 60 percent supermajority approval required. To increase the chance of passage the school board removed improvements to athletic facilities, the transportation center and drainage for elementary playfields. The amount requested on Feb. 12 has been decreased from $107.5 million to $96 million.

Still included is the replacement of Post Middle School. It does not meet current seismic standards and a retrofit, given other shortcomings in the building, does not make economic or educational sense. The measure also includes fire sprinklers for Eagle Creek, improved classroom door locks, security vestibules at entrances, and security cameras at all Arlington schools. Portable classrooms are also not secure. Without more classrooms at the high school, portables will soon be required. Eight new classrooms will be added to one of the wings at the high school with bond proceeds.

The good news is that the 1999 bonds that were sold to build the new high school will be paid off soon, and this new tax should not result in an increase in what you are already paying for school taxes.

The safety measures have been endorsed by Firefighters IAFF Local 3728. As individuals, and not in their official capacities, the measure has been endorsed by Jonathan Ventura and David Kraski.

There is information about all aspects of the measure on the district’s website, including a tax calculator: Please vote “YES” for schools on February 12th!

Citizens Committee for Arlington Schools: Kimberly Meno, president, and John Meno, vice president (co-chairs); Heather Logan, treasurer; Gary Sabol, secretary; and Dave Duskin, director.