Nice 4th show, but please clean up

This was my first 4th of July living in downtown Arlington. And what a spectacular show I witnessed from my neighbor’s deck. It equaled any fireworks display I’ve seen in my 70-some years.

The next day I drove by the nearby elementary school parking lot and could readily see that the show had been launched from there. On my way back home I noticed no effort had been made to clean up the mess.

I decided I could give back one hour of my time to sweep up that parking lot in return for the enjoyment the display had given me.

I could see that this, no doubt, had been a family venture. I felt disappointed about the loss of opportunity these folks had to demonstrate the responsibility of cleaning up after oneself to their children, especially in a public place.

I had to leave a pile of trash in the middle of the lot that would not fit into my full bucket. As of July 7, the pile was still there.

I have two wishes for next year’s July 4. One is for these same neighbors to please put on another spectacular show. But also to please clean up your spectacle left behind.

I’ve done my good deed, and now it’s your turn.

Judy Donoghue, Arlington