New Lakewood supe says door is always open

Vote for Tolbert

The mayoral election that’s just around the corner is important for the future of Arlington.

The area is in rapid growth, and leadership is key to our success.

I believe Barb Tolbert should be re-elected.

Tolbert has led Arlington very well and ushered the city into a prosperous time.

With new businesses moving in, and previous ones thriving, there’s no doubt Tolbert understands the local economy.

She carries some big-name endorsements and has years of experience.

The City Council in general has done well to curb crime, prevent increasing water/sewage costs, maintain responsible budgeting, improve parks and business areas, increase job opportunities and overall make Arlington a fun place to be.

With Tolbert leading the council there’s no question that she plays a major role in these accomplishments

Numerous news articles have explained how Arlington is approaching homelessness different than other cities, and it’s working. Arlington, led by Tolbert is an example to other cities that are struggling with similar problems.

Recent skepticism aimed at Tolbert and the council is unwarranted.

The city has done a great job at maintaining the downtown area and keeping it small business and family oriented.

The best way to see/understand the decision making of Tolbert and the council is by going to a council meeting. Come join me and other residents at the meetings.

Avery Hufford


New Lakewood supe

New Lakewood schools superintendent Scott Peacock recently wrote this letter to the community:

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I begin serving the Lakewood community as your superintendent.

When I first saw the job announcement and began researching the school district, one of the first qualities that I noticed was that Lakewood schools are the center of the community.

Not only did I learn that this is a geographic reality, but that historically and culturally this community wraps around its schools.

That realization aligned with my fundamental belief that public schools are the cultural, social and intellectual center of civic life.

The work that has been done and is currently underway in this district is remarkable.

We have only to look at the new Lakewood High School to see evidence of the community’s support.

Our schools are advancing a commitment to the social and emotional learning of students through multi-tiered systems of support.

We are beginning a multi-year process of enriching science, literacy and math instruction at multiple levels. The task that lays before me is to build on this work and to support the professional growth and collaboration that such commitments require.

Supporting the priorities identified by the community, its school board, the staff and students of Lakewood School District is my first priority.

Whether we are advancing a levy, engaging in collective bargaining or building a strategic plan, I commit to convening, listening and to engaging in meaningful conversation about what we want to create together.

I look forward to becoming part of the community. My door is always open to you.