More support for Arlington school bonds

Vote for schools

We want to voice our support for the Arlington School District’s revised bond that is due for a community vote Feb. 12. It will mainly provide for a new Post Middle School on the current site, but also security improvements (i.e. classroom door locks that lock from the inside, video cameras) district-wide.

Being parents of two children who will soon attend this school and knowing their classrooms will not meet current earthquake safety standards gives us great concern. Those community members whose children are now grown might consider the value of providing a safe building for their grandchildren to attend. Community members not sharing our justification for contributing should realize that safe and successful schools increase property values and develop our future workforce that will be taking care of us. Also, we assume that newcomers to our community will want to contribute to their children’s education. Think of the common good and your own future. Vote “yes” for ASD school bond on Feb. 12.

Sarah and Bill Blake, Arlington