Letters to the editor

Socialism worked in Netherlands

Steve Powell – what kind of a reporter/journalist are you?

In your article in the Marysville Globe of March 24 (Schools 2 days longer) you found it necessary to write: “Well this is not Bernie Sanders land. Nothing comes free.” Such a remark is biased, totally inappropriate.

We may expect from a good reporter to be honest and fair and not to make denigrating and misleading comments about politicians you obviously don’t like. A little further in the same paper you write about bullying. Why don’t you mention there then that the biggest bullier and name-caller resides now in the White House.

Of course also a reporter may have his political preferences, but do you have to spread denigrating lies?

Since when is in a social democracy “everything free”? The only thing free in Sanders land is the air we breathe. Luckily Sanders tries to keep the air healthy, not giving big corporations a free hand to destroy the environment. In Sanders land it is about spending tax money wisely and helping people who really need help.

I enjoyed the blessings of socialism in the Netherlands for more than 50 years…You do not seem to understand what working-class people are all missing out on here. Maybe you could also explain why in this USA the percentage of poor and homeless people is much higher than in the most Western democracies.

I hope you will stop misleading, denigrating comments.

Johannes van Hijum, Marysville

Wonderful tribute to Ken Cage

On behalf of the Marysville Historical Museum we want to thank everyone who came and honored the man who made it happen – Ken Cage.

With his love, dedication and all of his followers past, present and future and with his First Lady Ethel Cage by his side. Let’s keep him, the memories and the dream alive forever.

Thanks again for all the help from all the families, friends, volunteers and businesses that honored the man who believed in all to make his community a better place to remember history.

Thank you Ken. We will miss you.

Linda Molitor, Marysville