Letters to the editor

Vote for school bonds in Arlington

Vote for school bonds

Please remember to vote yes on our February school bond. The third time’s the charm, and we need a 60 percent yes vote. The new bond has cut some items in hopes that voters will come to their senses and realize we absolutely need a new Post Middle School and additional classrooms at Arlington High School for our burgeoning population.

We need a replacement Post building to be more prepared for earthquakes, to be more secure, to allow more collaborative learning, to fit more kids, and to have a safer bus dropoff/pickup situation. We need new classrooms at AHS because the ones we have are over filled.

We need fire sprinklers at Eagle Creek Elementary to keep children safe. We need additional security measures at all the district buildings because unfortunately there are people who go off their rocker and want to hurt children in schools.

We need to stay relevant in STEM education because we live in one of the major technology hubs of the nation. This is why collaborative learning environments and up-to-date labs at the new Post are crucial.

This is why an arts and tech workshop is needed at the high school. We need kids who can innovate using science and arts together because this is the future. All of this is being asked of today’s Arlington voters knowing that the children and teens who will be using these facilities are not some hypothetical people: they are in our preschools, day cares and elementary schools.

They are our neighbors and children and grandchildren. They are our future caregivers, firefighters, teachers, business owners, council members and more.

When we vote yes to get to that 60 percent supermajority, we are saying yes to these kids and who they will become. We say that we believe they will achieve great things and that we are willing to invest in those great things, and yes, even in the ordinary good things they will do each day in the classroom.

We say we care. Vote yes this February. Please.

Angie Donnelson, Arlington

Support our schools

Please support the Arlington Schools Capital Bond Feb. 12. This bond will be used for numerous capital projects that are needed in several of the schools, as well as safety and security measures that, sadly, are now needed in our schools.

We have a long tradition of great schools here in Arlington and, with your help, we can continue to keep our schools great for future generations of Arlington school children.

Darrin Braaten, Arlington