Letters to the editor

Keep Olbrechts in office

I’ve known Judge Kristen Olbrechts for 27 years and trust her skill, knowledge and legal acumen in the courtroom as an attorney and as a judge.

As a prosecutor, Kristen kept communities safe. As a defense attorney, she helped low-income individuals navigate the law through the public defender’s office. And as a Judge Pro Tem, she made decisions rooted in the law and in the best interest of the people of Snohomish County.

For those of us who have dedicated our careers to the law, we want judges who have a legal expertise, a commitment to justice, and a true commitment to improving the lives of others.

That’s why I’ve endorsed Kristen, as have seven of my colleagues on the Washington State Supreme Court.

With nearly 30 years practicing the law on both sides of the bench, her experience is unmatched. She’s independent and accountable, impartial and responsible. And as an active member of the community, she knows the values that matter in Snohomish County.

Voters have an opportunity to re-elect a great judge and leader who—as she’s always done—will ensure justice is served accurately and with integrity.

Susan Owens, Washington State Supreme Court justice

Vote for Rancourt

As your elected County Clerk and Clerk of Superior Court, I do not normally endorse candidates in judicial races. However, I am making an exception as I feel strongly that Jennifer Rancourt is the right person to serve as judge in the Cascade Division of Snohomish County District Court.

Having worked in our court system for over 33 years, I know what an important role the judiciary has in our branches of government. Jennifer has been a trial lawyer for 17 years and knows firsthand the demands of the courtroom. She has also served as a Judge Pro Tem for eight years. Her experience, demeanor, and temperament make her the best candidate. Those who know Jennifer will tell you that she always treats others with compassion, empathy and fairness. She also has demonstrated her ability to make tough decisions and hold individuals accountable when necessary. The support that Jennifer has received from the other District Court and Superior Court judges and the Snohomish County legal community illustrates the broad support for Jennifer’s candidacy. An overwhelming 87 percent of local lawyers and judges surveyed by the Snohomish County Bar Association ranked Jennifer as their top choice for this position.

Sonya Kraski, Arlington

Firefighters back Rancourt

As both firefighters in the Marysville Professional Firefighters Local 3219, and mothers of children in our community, we strongly encourage you to vote for Jennifer Rancourt for Snohomish County District Court Judge, Cascade Division. We’ve had the opportunity to get to know Jennifer though her involvements with our community. In addition to being a dedicated mother and a highly respected attorney, Jennifer serves our community in many other ways that demonstrate her commitment to caring for children and families. She is a longtime member of the board of directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County. She is an associate board member of Camp Fire of Snohomish County. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Everett.

Our judicial branch is one sometimes overlooked in elections. However, judicial positions carry great importance and directly impact our community. As women, as mothers, and as professionals that care about the safety of our community, we urge you to vote for Jennifer Rancourt.

Krista Longspaugh and Kate Songhurst