Letters to the editor

Oct. 13

Vote for Judge Rancourt

As a parent, small-business owner and resident dedicated to community service, I am writing to explain why I am voting for Jennifer Rancourt for Snohomish County District Court Judge, Cascade Division.

I appreciate her dedication to our community, to families and to justice.

She is a longtime member of the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County. She is an Associate Board Member of Camp Fire of Snohomish County and an active member of the Rotary Club in Everett. All of those clubs focus primarily on children’s social skills and physical capacity development. The notable leadership commitment Jennifer has made to these programs has made a significant difference in our children’s lives and serves our community in many positive ways.

While Jennifer is a hardworking mother and valued member of the legal profession, she also serves the entire state as chairwoman of the Washington Clemency & Pardons Board. She reviews petitions from individuals, organizations and the Department of Corrections for commutation of sentences and pardoning of offenders. She also serves as a Pro Tem Judge in Everett Municipal Court and Marysville Municipal Court. In those roles, she is well respected by litigants who appear before her.

Our community is fortunate to have a candidate as skilled, experienced and accomplished as Jennifer Rancourt. Please join me in voting for her

Mike Britt, Arlington

Faith column should look at other issues

Your newspaper’s monthly privilege awarded to the “Faith” column by pastor Jenny Smith offers a liberal, social gospel view. She has opined her views on politics, gender and most-recently race.

“Let’s look at the color of our skin…” she requests to present some “dumb, white-people questions.”

This self-demeaning approach is constructive exactly how?

I propose a new topic to discuss from what our nation was forced to witness the past few weeks: The very real attempt to remove our Constitutional right of due process and “presumption of innocence” and replace it with the abominable concept of “guilty until proven innocent.” When completely unprovable accusations against now-Justice Kavanaugh were levied to destroy this innocent man (and in the process his equally innocent wife and two young daughters) to prevent him from being seated on the Supreme Court, what we witnessed was bloodsport – power lust at its worst.

All of this over the morbid fear of any adjustment to Roe vs. Wade with Kavanaugh on the court. It’s an example of the large-scale spiritual war going on in our nation, and it breaks my heart.

Perhaps the next Faith column should address discussion of the 60 million plus innocent lives lost to abortion.

The end of this week the movie “Gosnell” will be released. I encourage everyone to attend, and then let’s all have an honest discussion.

Bruce Hamphton, Marysville