Here’s another vote for the Arlington school bond

Arlington School District has a bond proposal on the ballot Feb. 12. It is the only measure on the ballot, and it is a very important one. Our children – our most-valuable and precious resource – need safe, modern schools to learn in. We have the chance to show our support for children and teachers in our community by voting “yes” on the bond measure. As the parents of two Arlington students, we know our children need to feel safe and supported at school. We want their friends and peers in the community to feel this way as well, regardless of which school/building they attend in the Arlington School District. Voting yes for this bond would be an important step toward an equitable educational experience for all of our children.

As Arlington School District teachers, we work hard to ensure our students feel socially and emotionally safe in our classrooms on a daily basis. We understand that these efforts lower the “affective filter,” which affects participation, intellectual risk-taking and test scores. Students need to feel physically safe as well before they can learn. The improvements to building safety and a new Post Middle School would assist us in our efforts as teachers to ensure our students reach their full potential.

As Arlington community members, we also believe that safer, modern schools improve the aesthetic and economic value of our community. Over a quarter of homebuyers consider school quality when buying a home. Safer schools often mean better performing schools, and research has shown that better-performing schools lead to higher home values and resale values in the surrounding area. Voting yes for this bond is a strong investment in our children and community.

Please join us in voting “yes” to the Arlington School District bond.

Ben and Sherri Ballew,