Children’s lives end every Wednesday

A voice for the unborn

We are pro-life. We stand peacefully praying on the sidewalk at the Everett Planned Parenthood. Our message is basically the same, whether it is signs literature, gifts or the spoken word. Our message is “Choose Life!”

Courageous prayer warriors are there to encourage mothers and mothers-to-be and to help them in any way they need. We have access to a wealth of information and resources.

Many women have chosen life at the last minute. Some choose adoption and some decide to raise their child. They all say, “You need to be there to let women know they do not have to abort their child’s life.”

We are sadly outnumbered on the sidewalk on Wednesdays, sometimes 12 or more to one.

Who are these sacrilegious Planned Parenthood supporters, and why does Planned Parenthood need guards to protect themselves against us when they advertise that they, too, are all about caring about the lives of women?

But, the truth is that on Wednesdays Planned Parenthood is all about death. These militant, rude, crude defenders want to make sure women are escorted “safely” into Planned Parenthood so that Planned Parenthood can “end the life of their child.”

These unborn children are already beautifully formed infants with 10 fingers, 10 toes and a beating heart. Children’s lives are abruptly ended in brutal death by abortion each Wednesday.

Ed Mohs, Marysville