Let’s get along

Maryfest right now reminds us of Congress.

Both sides say they want what’s best for the community, but they are unwilling to work together.

We in Marysville can’t fix Congress. It’s too far away and involves too many other parties.

But we have to fix Maryfest.

Those in charge now are right. In the past the organization was too lax and unprofessional. The same people were in charge year after year and therefore the event was the same year after year. It needed to update, but still keep the traditional favorites.

The new regime wanted to make much-needed changes. They were small changes, but change nonetheless, and some people don’t like change.

A number of longtime board members quit, leaving Maryfest in a lurch last year. They pulled off the event, but the disgruntled members have made it hard for Maryfest to get new volunteers this year.

The old regime is right, too. The new Maryfest board overreacted in trying to control its membership, setting up an interview process that had never been used before. That rubbed some people the wrong way. So Maryfest is in desperate need of volunteers to run the event this year, or it might have to hire out for some help.

That should not happen. This is a community event run by community volunteers. People complain that some of those in high positions in Maryfest don’t even live here. But whose fault is that? Locals need to step up.

Egos often get in the way of progress, and that’s what’s happening here. For the good of the Marysville Strawberry Festival, the community needs to find some common ground to make this and future festivals a success.

Common ground means there needs to be compromise. And unlike in the other Washington, we can do that.

Full of razes

Raze to the weather. It’s making it hard to think of anything but razes.

Raze to the woman on 4th who honked her horn as someone made a legal right turn. When you make a left turn you are supposed to go into the inside lane, then merge later to the outside lane.

Raze to the field umpire who wouldn’t let us on the field to take photos of the Marysville-Pilchuck vs. Sedro Woolley softball game Tuesday. He said we could do our job from behind the fence. That’s like telling him to do his job from the stands, and he of all people should know how well that works.

Raze to the Xfinity van driver who apparently didn’t see last week’s editorial. He blew right through a stop sign on Sunnyside.