Hits and misses

  • Saturday, September 7, 2019 1:30am
  • Opinion


To Marysville Police Chief Rick Smith for his many years of great service to our community.

To the Marysville School District for its emphasis on anti-bullying.

To all of the candidates in the primary election. It’s so nice to have choices. If you didn’t advance, keep trying. Name recognition is so important.

To Angel of the Winds Casino for investing so much in our community with its state-of-the-art bowling alley, restaurant, parking garage and concert venue.

To the Arlington Fly-In for changing its date to August. Having events taking place earlier in the evening made it so much more fun for everyone.

To Arlington for deciding against pay to play for athletes this year.

To those involved in the All-Marysville Garage Sale. It’s not as big as Mill Creek but keep it up, and it will get there.

To all of those who participated in National Night Out Against Crime.

To Everett Community College Cosmetology students for giving free haircuts to students in need.

To the Stilly Tribe for another great Festival of the River, one of our best local celebrations every year.

To 18-year-old Chloe Braaten for taking on leadership roles for the Marysville Farmers Market this summer.

To city employees who work so hard complying with public information requests.

To employees in Marysville, Arlington and Lakewood who work so hard to prepare for school so local kids can get the best education they are willing to work for.

To the many groups who worked to obtain school supplies for students this summer.

To Arlington for letting voters decide on a fireworks ban. And voters, don’t let that term advisory vote fool you. Remember what happened in Marysville.


Marysville needs a law limiting the number of days before an election that campaign signs can be posted. They are an eyesore. Many cities allow 45 days, which seems enough time to us.

To the woman who ran into a police vehicle in Arlington.

Something’s wrong with our laws when someone only gets three months in jail for a fatal hit and run.

Setting fire to a school portable. What’s the purpose?

To those who waste city employee time on frivolous public information requests.

To the suspect in the hit-and-run that injured four people. He’s still on the loose.

To governments that let growth happen so fast that communities can’t handle it.

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