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Marysville couple makes it possible for ‘Women at the Well’ to receive help as soon as they are in dire need

  • Wed Jun 22nd, 2016 8:30am
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MARYSVILLE – Women and children who are on the brink of homelessness will now have a place to get help in Marysville.

Steve and Lynn Reid are funding “Women at the Well,” a daytime ministry that will help women “come out of where they are and not stay stuck,” Lynn said, adding the goal is to help them “before they fall.”

She said their goal is to intervene, for example, when a man leaves his spouse.

“Let us take care and help you,” she said.

During the day, clients can get a shower, do laundry and have other needs taken care of, such as car repairs and haircuts at the former beauty salon. They can get counseling and be connected to other services. They also can take free parenting classes. Clients will need to take bible study classes.

“We’re a ministry, not a social service,” Lynn said.

She said two years ago she wanted to start this, but was told by friends she was being too “bossy and quick.” So she’s been praying about it ever since, and was told three months ago that to make this community strong again they need to take care of the women.

Lynn said she and Steve live in a little apartment, but “I don’t need anything,” she said. So they are fronting the funds for this effort, hoping others will donate when they see the good that is being done there.

Lynn said they do not just give things away there. She said many places give the homeless “goods to get them through a week.” What she wants is to help them change their lifestyle – to empower them to make change.

She paraphrased James 1:27 saying “True religion takes care of the widows and orphans.”

The Reids hope to open the facility at 1412 8th St. by Aug. 1. They are hoping for $7,000 in donations to come in for cabinets and flooring. They also are planning a 5K run at the Arlington Airport in September as a fundraiser.

“Women at the Well” is part of a bigger Christian ministry called the “HR Project” after Hugh Reid, Steve’s father. That effort also includes the online ChristianCommunityMatters.

Lynn said her husband of five years has been working up to 12 hours a day on getting the new facility ready.

“Once they see the building we hope people will come to us,” she said.

For details, call 425-760-6076 or email

Volunteer opportunities: On-site prayer, reception/servers, counseling, grant writing, mentors/advocates, trainers/teachers, administration, fundraising, food preparation and drivers.

Services available: Prayer; mentoring/advocating; biblical, marriage, addiction, grief and financial counseling; fellowship, parenting and life skills classes.