Local videographer wants to impact people through his online videos

MARYSVILLE — If you were idly scrolling your newsfeed on Facebook, you probably came across a video of a man poking fun at his hometown – Marysville.

A screenshot of Marysville's Nathaniel Lugg's most-viewed video on YouTube.

MARYSVILLE — If you were idly scrolling your newsfeed on Facebook, you probably came across a video of a man poking fun at his hometown – Marysville.

You wouldn’t be alone. It’s the local videographer’s most-viewed and shared video yet, garnering more than 73,000 views and 1,000 shares on his Facebook page, with an additional 1,000-plus views on his YouTube channel.

Nathaniel Lugg is the man behind, and in front of, the camera.

Lugg started the project after reaching a crossroads in life.

He operated a doughnut shop in Las Vegas, which had initial success with his then-girlfriend.

But he left the business when they broke up.

It took a toll on his identity, and he didn’t know what to do.

Presented with the questions – “Who do I think I am? and Who do I want to be?” – Lugg began making funny videos on an online site called SnapChat.

Viewers urged him to get on YouTube.

“I have always been creative,” Lugg said. “But I also really enjoyed acting; did public speaking in youth group.”

Already well-versed in video and photography, Lugg wanted to use online videos as a platform for his creativity, as well as to impact people.

Now a cars salesman in Seattle, commuting from Everett, Lugg has been making vlogs and videos on the side as a hobby.

A devout Christian, many of his videos are a self reflection of his faith, philosophical or just downright funny.

“I’m hoping to not be known for one particular thing,” he said.

In his most-viewed video titled, “WE WON AN AWARD – A tour of Marysville,” Lugg humorously points out the quirks of his hometown, most-notably its lack of local businesses – in a sarcastic and quirky tone.

“I really do love Marysville,” Lugg said. “A lot of people, also from Marysville, have the same sentiment.”

The video was met with favorable feedback. Particularly from those who worked at the local businesses highlighted in the video.

One person said, “‘My mom works at Don’s Restaurant, and she liked your video,'” Lugg said. “People understand the humor.”

Lugg has a soft-spot for his hometown. He wants nothing more than to see Marysville prosper. He frequently visits and does a lot of his video editing in the local Starbucks where he used to work.

“We have a lot of conglomerate corporations kicking out the smaller businesses,” he said. “I am passionate about supporting the local economy.”

Many of Lugg’s video’s are shot in a selfie-style, where he walks around in public talking into a camera he holds in front of his face.

“I’m totally self-conscious, but I realize it’s only for a split second,” he said. “If I can deal with that split second I can have a big impact later on.”

Lugg always has to be doing something.

What he has taken away from his YouTube project is: “To just get out there and create,” he said. “Throw away those excuses.”

With a beat up six-year-old Macbook pro, a small Sony camera or even just his iPhone, Lugg does just that, pushing to create a new video every week.

Lugg said he could monetize his channel at any time but, “I much rather want people to watch the video without watching the ad.”

He admits he’s original. “I’ve always seen the world through a different lens,” he said. “I like being able to express my ideas and opinions in a way that will make people laugh.”

But he also has a serious side. He’s struggled with things like bitterness and anxiety. Upcoming videos look more at that.

“Life isn’t all just fun and games,” he said. “You have to be willing to enjoy the highs and lows in life.”

A link to Lugg’s famous video and channel can be found here.

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