Lakewood schools honor Paralympic bronze medalist

LAKEWOOD — It's not every meeting that the Lakewood School Board has a bronze medalist in the house. But Paralympian McKenna Dahl made a guest appearance Oct. 5

LAKEWOOD — It’s not every meeting that the Lakewood School Board has a bronze medalist in the house. But Paralympian McKenna Dahl made a guest appearance Oct. 5

“It’s not often that the community can celebrate one of its own,” Superintendent Michael Mack said.

Dahl, a 2014 graduate of Lakewood High School, was recognized for her performance at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She won bronze in her shooting event and was the only woman to advance to the finals. She had to aim for a target that was 33 feet away that was the size of a silver dollar with the bulls-eye the size of a period, size “twelve font,” she said

Along with Dahl’s athletic achievement, Mack gave commendation to her hard work that comes with honing a skill.

Dahl reflected on her expereince at Rio. Other than competing at the same grounds where the Olympics were just weeks before, she said shaking hands with President Obama at the White House was among other memorable experiences.

The meeting then went on to a letter from Lakewood’s first football coach, Dick Cardinal, who gave appreciation for the new synthetic turf field installed recently.

Three faculty members were recognized: Clarence Ricarte, a foreign exchange student organizer; Tina Bustad, who works in the front office; and Larry Delaney, a math teacher, for their efforts.

The meeting concluded with The LEA Collective Bargaining Agreement being approved.

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