Cats from Hurricane Harvey areas arrive at NOAH

  • Wed Sep 6th, 2017 3:16pm
  • News

By Steve Powell

ARLINGTON – Noah saved animals from the flood a pair at a time, but NOAH is saving them from flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey a van load at a time.

The Northwest Organization for Animal Help, located just north of here off I-5, received nine cats from southwest animal shelters Wednesday just after noon.

The cats, and dogs NOAH will receive next week, were not actually rescued. They were in animal shelters in flooded areas. During a disaster, those shelters are emptied in favor of rescued animals. That puts the rescued animals near their homes, with the hope that their owners eventually will find them.

NOAH announced a few days ago that it would receive Hurricane Harvey animals, and the community responded with many people hoping to adopt them.

But first, NOAH keeps them for about four days to make sure they are healthy, etc. People can adopt the cats for $50, which includes all their shots, etc.

“We’re a nonprofit for a reason,” employee Lani Kurtz said, explaining the low cost.

NOAH also announced previously that is was looking for donations to send animal supplies to areas flooded by Hurricane Harvey. The community responded to that request, too, as a van load was sent south Wednesday.

To donate, go to and choose Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue from the program menu.

NOAH executive director Stacie Ventura also asked previously for the community to adopt current pets to make room for the new animals. “Your adoption saves two lives,” Ventura had said.

People responded, adopting many of the animals NOAH had at its facility.

Ventura said NOAH also is available for more pets.

“We are working with several relief organizations to coordinate the safe transfer of animals from Texas shelters so they can focus on helping families

affected by the disaster reconnect with their lost pets,” she said.

Ventura continued: “I’m glad there’s some way we can help them with what they are going through. I can’t imagine … But that’s why we’re here.”

Randy White, who drove the cats here from Seatac, said they were taken from several shelters in the flood zone, flew on a small plane to Seattle then were driven to NOAH. One NOAH program that helps a lot is for foster parents. NOAH has pets that stay with them “to expand our walls,” Kurtz said.