Readers continue to be fired up over possible fireworks ban in M'ville

The majority of emails coming into the Globe still favor a fireworks ban on the 4th of July. But those who still want fireworks say more good comes from them than bad.

Mary Anne Jones: I am certainly all for showing our love of country, but here in Marysville, I think, some have gone beyond that. Even tonight, I hear the bang of fireworks. They have been blasted around in our area since June 6 every evening until about midnight, keeping my nerves on end and my dog shivering under the bed until wee hours of the morning. My husband often has to drive to a quiet park away from Marysville so that the little dog will go potty. The police are unable to stop the problem.We moved here from Lynnwood about 4 years ago. In Lynnwood there is a ban on fireworks until the week of the fourth of July. Before and after that week there is a blessed quietness. I am not against fireworks completely, you see. I grew up watching and enjoying the community shows. I wish it were just that again. I wonder, though, in this day and age, could we really enforce a ban? So many don't care about what is legal. It is about what they want. I do hope a good decision is reached; one that is enforceable. So often, the policemen's hands are tied by those in public office.I guess I would like to see the ban on private fireworks and police action to back it up properly. I think a community firework display on the 4th of July could be a good answer.

Bonnie Stevens: We live due east of Cabalas outdoor living store, which puts us in direct line of "Boom City." We have 11 acres of trees and strawberries. Each 4th of July our trees and home are covered with dangerous fireworks!  This year we found a balloon-type object hanging in one of our trees (it comes with a candle attached). I would very much like to see a ban on all types of fireworks.

Fred Schiefelbein: There should be a ban on all fireworks; maybe a couple designated areas with supervision. I have seen my share of fireworks with three tours in Vietnam and when people start shooting off a week before and a week after the Fourth it gets a little old.

Pam Salas: I disagree on banning fireworks. The 4th of July is an American celebration of freedom and one of the few times a year we get to feel like we have freedom. The 4th of July fireworks in Marysville bring families and neighbors together in celebration.  My family, for example, had not celebrated a holiday together in 10 years.  What the ability to have our own fireworks display did was bring my family from around the country together. They enjoyed it so much that we all want to make it a yearly event.  If it were not for the ability to celebrate in the manner we chose there would probably still be many years till I would celebrate another holiday with my family. So when it comes to banning fireworks for the one day a year that they are allowed just remember this: It may scare your dog but it is bringing countless families together.

Barbara Turpin: When some of our family asks if we would like to come to their house for the 4th of July we always say, “No thank you, we need to stay home; the fireworks here tend to be bad.”  It just make us feel better if we are around on the particular day.  We moved up to Kellogg Ridge 11 years ago and love it here, but Marysville’s policy is not very good.  I certainly don’t mind the fireworks but illegal means something different to me.  I will have to say that they didn’t seem to last as long as usual this year but I have a different understanding of the situation than some on the council.First of all I would like a definition of legal and illegal. Donna, I question your comment about service clubs and churches.  If legal and illegal was established there would be no question.  We do know of a group that raises money for a mission project, and they sell legal fireworks.  That statement is a cop out.  Wrong is wrong and needs to be set! People drive from all over the place to buy illegal fireworks on the reservation.  Are they not also under the law?  If it is established there should be no question.  Shoot off the illegals on the tribal land.   What is the double standard here.  A lot of areas are outlawing fireworks, and they seem to survive.  The traffic into Marysville is bad at the best time but in the days before the 4th you need to stay off of the freeway coming into town.  After the fireworks it is also messy to say the least. Maybe not doing fireworks at the festival and making a combined celebration with fireworks on the 4th, hmmm!I think the council is afraid to ruffle feathers, law should be law, illegal is illegal.  It seems to be a crazy time with no real thought to why except to see who can make the most noise and the most smoke and the biggest mess!  I thank the police who try to settle things down but wonder what the extra cost is to monitor and to clean up.  The Globe was dated Aug. 3, and the meeting was announced for the 28th of July!   I will be interested in hearing of the benefit of fireworks for Marysville.  Change doesn’t always come easy, and I am not a 'hater' of fireworks.  Our grandkids love to have a spot on our street to set off and watch the area explode with the rockets and setting off the legal fireworks that they purchased.  They even talked about why the 4th of July!  I would hope a serious look is taken and a better policy made.

Herman Moya: We moved to Marysville from Selah a year and a half ago. The fireworks and noise here is unbelievable.  We live just south of Marysville-Pilchuck High School, and a fortune in fireworks is lit on the 4th. We do not mind the safe and sane fireworks but not the quarter stick of dynamite ones. They just shake the house. They are set off on our front street and the back street. The next morning I have to clean up the spent fireworks from my driveway, front yard and back yard.  I have to use a roof rake to remove them from my roof. I am 75 and too old to get on my roof. I have to remove them from my rain gutters. The local kids started two weeks before the 4th: Bang, bang, bang for hours. I called the Marysville police, and they immediately came and talked with the kids. They stopped but were at it again in a few days. I did not feel I should trouble the police again. It seems hopeless. Please do all you can to rid us of this plague. We sure enjoy living in Marysville but for this incident. A fireworks ban would be very welcome.

Morgan Magaoay: We think the fireworks in the city is no place for the kind of fireworks that are being used.  These are no longer just firecrackers, they are bombs.  There is no regard to property and safety for people and the suffering of animals. I guess as long as money talks there will be fireworks (bombs) used by the many who do not care for these issues.

Kathy Franzwa: ABSOLUTELY fireworks should be banned in Marysville! Those who purchase them are not celebrating our freedom-they're looking for an excuse to make obnoxious noise with callous disregard for our veterans and animals. The cacophony begins in mid-June and continues for several days after the Fourth of July. Calls to the police are futile as the booms from M-80s and other fireworks continue unabated. There were many times this summer when the cannon-like explosions seemed to be in my back yard. The resulting debris is often not cleaned up and is evident today.Mukilteo banned fireworks, and the silence in the neighborhoods is a relief. Maybe the Marysville council should consult with officials in Mukilteo to ascertain how the ban was implemented and how it is enforced. If church groups and other organizations need to raise money, there are numerous other options besides fireworks for doing so that do not produce offensive, irritating and often frightening noise. There is NO benefit to Marysville for allowing fireworks. If people want to see them, there are fireworks shows in other parts of Snohomish County. Marysville council: PLEASE BAN FIREWORKS!

Phyllis and Bob Mennenga: No more fireworks! They are dangerous, a fire hazard and messy! Some people just don't know when to quit. Go to a fireworks show if you like them so much.


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