1st day of school emotional for many

  • Wed Sep 6th, 2017 3:56pm
  • News

MARYSVILLE – It looked more like a family reunion than anything else.

Lots of hugs, a few tears, but mostly just smiles galore as friends and teachers were reacquainted after summer vacation.

The scene was Cascade Elementary School Wednesday morning, which was opening day for public schools in Arlington and Marysville.

It feels like family because most everybody knows most everybody. The school has more stability than many others in the Marysville School District.

Teresa Williams is still the principal after nine years. There are just three new teachers. Many are still on staff there after 20-plus years.

Williams and her staff were outside greeting students on the first day. Some students were shy and turned away, but many more waved or even went over to get a hug. Encouraging signs were placed around the campus.

Because of so many returning families students, the school lacked the mayhem others had. During morning announcements, Williams said it was her pleasure to welcome back students. She told them they would be learning the Cascade expectations, which are to always be safe and kind, be ready to learn and be in the right place.

Williams said her staff spends a lot of time in training. She said, “We must be doing something right,” when showing an award from the state for bridging the achievement gap.

“We work hard for those who historically have been underserved,” she said.

Many parents were at the school on opening day, no matter what the students’ age. Many were packing around large bags filled with school supplies.

Parent Dave Fickey said he was there to provide the “muscle” for the supplies. He has two children in the third grade, and he took off work to carry supplies.

“It’s a little disheartening,” he said. “It’s stuff for the teachers. We never used to have to do that.”