‘I’m a Believer’ after watching M-P’s “Shrek, The Musical”

MARYSVILLE – Sharing true love’s first kiss is life-changing – even for ogres.

Marysville-Pilchuck High School will be performing the musical comedy “Shrek, The Musical,” starting April 27.

The major actors: Fiona is Elizabeth Price, Shrek is Skylar van der Putten, Donkey is Chloe Larsen and Farquaad is Ricky Hoffman.

Shrek, an ogre, lives alone in a swamp, but his solitude is disrupted by a band of fairytale creatures. They have been banned from the Kingdom of Duloc by Lord Farquaad, who exiled them for being freaks. Shrek decides to visit Farquaad to regain his swamp. Along the way, Shrek rescues a talkative donkey, who insists on showing him the way to Duloc. At Duloc, Farquaad’s guards have acquired a Magic Mirror, which reveals that Princess Fiona is trapped in a castle. Farquaad decides to marry her to become king. Farquaad then demands that Shrek rescue Fiona, and in return, he will give Shrek the swamp.

After Shrek rescues Fiona, they start to fall in love. Donkey discovers that Fiona turns into an ogress at night, and she confesses that she was cursed as a child, which is why she was locked away in the tower. Only a kiss from her true love will return her to her proper form.

While not impressed with Farquaad, Fiona agrees to marry him. Shrek has returned to his swamp, but he misses Fiona. He and Donkey go to Duloc, where Shrek interrupts the wedding. During an argument, the sun sets, causing Fiona to turn into an ogress. Dragon then crashes through a window with Donkey and incinerates Farquaad.

Shrek and Fiona share true love’s first kiss. The show ends with the classic song, ”I’m A Believer.”

Kenna Goodwin is the Dragon plus these M-P students play various fairytale characters; Ashlyn Stoker-Stelter, Jennica Harper, Kaeli Coms, Ivanna Garza, Morgan Reed, Kaliya Moen, Antonio McKimmy-Diaz, Alexis Miner and Echo Crossland. Many more students from Marysville Getchell High, Totem Middle and even Pinewood Elementary fill out the cast.

M-P teacher Brian Kesler conducts the orchestra, and M-P teacher Roy Klementsen is the director. The show dates are April 27-29 and May 4-5 at 7:30 p.m., plus a special matinee at 1 p.m. May 6.