A look on Easter from Pilate’s point of view

MARYSVILLE – The story of Christ’s Resurrection at Easter has been told many different ways.

Allen Creek Community Church’s method this year may not be one you’ve heard before.

It is performing a play called “Pilate at the Beach.”

Pontius Pilate was the governor of Judea who presided over Jesus’ trial. He could find no fault with Jesus, but eventually gave in to the demands of the crowd of Jews to crucify him. History says Pilate was stripped of his Roman citizenship and sent to exile at an island after that. It was said Pilate continued to be haunted by his decision not to try to stand up to the crowd for what he believed in. Some believe he went crazy.

This is where the play takes place, on the island where Pilate has so much time to think about what he had done.

Director Johnna Thiesen said the play is a series of three the church has presented at the Bad Boys of Easter, being Judas and Caiophar, along with Pilate.

Thiesen said the play is kind of “Scroogie,” referring to the classic Christmas play, in that Pilate is haunted by ghosts from his past.

“Even though he said he ’washed his hands of guilt’ he can’t get over what he’s done,” Thiesen said.

To connect with the present, a band with singers will perform modern songs during breaks in the action by the actors. Songs include “Fix You” by Coldplay; “Hurt,” made famous by Nine-Inch Nails, but done in a Johnny Cash version; and “Lift Your Head” by Christian rock David Crowder Band.

The play will be performed as part of service Saturday night at 6 and Sunday morning at 9 and 10:30.