To the Marysville Mayor and City Council

I have become a citizen of Marysville by “duress.” The 20,000 residences of the now annexed part of the county did not get to vote for this annexation. We were railroaded by greedy politicians that wanted to pay for their over-spending.

I wrote to this subject back in October 2008 (see Marysville Globe Letter To Editor.) None of the 20,000 residence had a voice on the City Council, by the way we didn’t get to vote for any of these Council members. Guess who 20,000 people won’t vote for because they were not allowed to vote for annexation. Don’t give me the argument about the state planned urban growth, we didn’t get to vote for the people that came up with that plan either.

To Mr. Kendall (note I didn’t call you Mayor, I didn’t get to vote for you) your letter to new citizens is insulting.

Tax Break = none, the $82.98 saving in your example is eaten up by your 5 percent “General Utility” tax on my gas/electric/cable/phone. So we lose.

Sno-Isle Library. I’ve been paying taxes in the county for years, I got to use them before I was annexed.

Faster response from city police officers, I doubt it, I live two miles from the Snohomish County North Precinct office.

Marysville city jail verses Snohomish County jail, six of one half dozen another I don’t care where you lock up the bad guys. We now have to pay for both. We lose.

The City A+ bond rating, these are bonds we didn’t get to vote for, but now we have to pay for. We lose.

Ownership and a direct voice, what a joke. Direct voice and democracy is voting and I see none of that from Marysville politicians. We lose.

The last four issues of The Marysville Globe had articles about city budget issues, and how you are worried about cuts. It was quite obvious how you were going to save your asses, it was simple, 6-1 vote to annex.

This was a simple case of totalitarianism and greed.

Michael McAnaw

Snohomish County

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