Thanks to the Marysville Fire District

Dear Greg Corn, Fire Chief/Marysville Fire District,

First off, thanks goes out to your team for the excellent work they did when they arrived at my mom’s house last Friday, Feb. 19, 2010 from a 911 call to her home in Smokey Point at the Crystal Tree Village Mobile Home Park.

I really wanted to let you know how impressed I was on the Marysville EMT’s/Fire Department staff, they were so efficient, professional and caring. The team that responded to my mom’s emergency took total control of the scene and went straight to help my mom. (I was in the driving crying my eyes out and they just ran past me and straight into the mobile home where my mom was), thank you so much.

I read your Mission Statement:

“Marysville Fire District is dedicated to providing quality emergency response and prevention services to the community with integrity, pride, and professionalism.”

Please let your team know how much my dad and I appreciate their actions; your team of professionals truly held up their end of the Mission Statement last Friday.

Stephanie Seeds


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