SnoCo health department needs to be funded

For two years I have been involved in efforts to get our neighborhoods cleaned up to reduce crime and increase property values. Marysville has made big strides but a huge deficiency has been uncovered: our county health department’s duty to the city.

We rely on a health department’s safety, health, and/or habitability finding when problem properties are referred to them for evaluation.

However, our leaders just shake their heads when asked about this. Our health department will not act, even though this is their legal obligation and duty.

A finding of health, safety, and/or habitability opens the door for the city to seek social and/or legal recourse not available solely through the law enforcement approach. Our health department’s lack of response ties Marysville’s hands.

Marysville has had to pick up the slack while our health department has basically been relegated to immunization duties by lack of respect, lack of leadership and lack of funding. It is time to get this department on its feet, active and efficient. We need an energized, pro-active health department to deal with the challenges of today’s community health needs. County Council, are you listening?

Ron Friesen, Marysville

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