Letters to the Editor

Politicians better than American citizens?

Why?Social Security was established for the American working people to help when they retire. What gives these politicians the right to say they are any… Continue reading

  • Mar 24, 2009

Pay their way

The people using the Washington State Ferry System want all of us taxpayers in Washington to “pay their way” to their homes on the islands… Continue reading

  • Mar 17, 2009

Classified School Employees Week

What would our schools be like if there were no secretaries, para-educators, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance workers, cafeteria workers, payroll/accountants or other support staff? The… Continue reading

  • Mar 10, 2009

Anybody listening?

The people of Washington state voted on the ballot for I-960 to protect the citizens of Washington from having their taxes raised. I feel we… Continue reading

  • Mar 10, 2009

Do this or else

In the Feb. 25 addition of The Marysville Globe, Rep. Mike Sells serves a hard pitch in his Guest Editorial titled, “When the boss says,… Continue reading

  • Mar 3, 2009

Sim Wilson

You start out in school and have classmates, acquaintances and friends. And if you’re lucky, some become lifelong special friends. After school you enter the… Continue reading

  • Feb 18, 2009

Teaching towards resilience

In all the controversy surrounding the WASL and its proposed replacement, I believe we are neglecting a key part of the conversation. In addition to… Continue reading

  • Feb 18, 2009

Limbaugh is not alone – response to Bob Graef editorial of 2/4/09

I also want president Obama’s policies to fail. I believe him to be a socialist.Total government control of our healthcare system? At 75 I would… Continue reading

  • Feb 18, 2009

Hypocrisy – response to Bob Graef editorial of 2/4/09

I had to laugh at the hypocrisy of Mr. Graef’s column when I read of his concern about conservative institutions attempting to drive a wedge… Continue reading

  • Feb 11, 2009

Food bank thanks | Marysville Letters To The Editor

On behalf of the Marysville Community Food Bank, we want to thank the caring and generous Marysville community that contributed so generously during the holiday season.

  • Feb 2, 2009

Dear Dr. King Letters To The Editor

This year I am celebrating your birthday by writing you this letter to tell of my own story intollerance and learning.

  • Jan 20, 2009

Executives’ assets should be used to bailout economy

As an American citizen, I am totally fed up with our judicial system. They can put Martha Stewart in prison for her actions with the stock market but the CEO’s of all these banks, stock market and mortgage companies can walk away with their big salaries and huge bonuses. Then they get money from the government “bailout” and then give bonuses to the executives, for what, grand theft? What is wrong with this picture.

  • Nov 26, 2008

Joe Wilson for judge

Having worked in the Superior court system for 23 years, I have had the opportunity to see firsthand the important role our Superior Court judges play in our democracy. As the Snohomish County Clerk, I am proud to endorse Joe Wilson as our next Superior Court judge.

  • Oct 29, 2008

Appel for judge

Ever since hiring George Appel as a deputy prosecutor over 15 years ago, I have been impressed with his uncommon work ethic, sound character, good judgment and superior legal skills. He was a valued member of our staff and enjoys to this day great respect among his peers.

  • Oct 28, 2008

What ever happened to common sense?

We incarcerate people, set them up to fail, and then complain about recidivism. We ignore poverty and all the other underlying causes of crime, then decide to be “tough” after the fact.

  • Oct 28, 2008

Mike Hope for State Representative

I am writing to strongly encourage voters to support Mike Hope for State Representative.

  • Oct 28, 2008

Vote Fred Walser

I live in the 39th district and I sincerely believe that we need a change.

  • Oct 28, 2008

Val Stevens is the Right Choice

Since Val Stevens was elected to the House and Senate, she has worked tirelessly for those “just average voters” in her district, no special interests. She has been a devoted voice for foster children and others who rely on DSHS for support. She advocates for DSHS programs, working across the political aisle efficiently using taxpayer dollars. She supports educationally and financially sound K-12 programs, higher education, community health organizations and senior programs, especially those rural fire departments and emergency medical services. She is well aware that just as we can’t live beyond our means, neither can government.

  • Oct 28, 2008

Vote for Joe Wilson for Snohomish Superior Court Judge

I turn on my TV and I see Barack Obama and John McCain. During commercials I see Dino Rossi and Christine Gregiore. What a breath of fresh air it is to have a candidate come to my door and actually talk about what’s important to me. That candidate is Joe Wilson.

  • Oct 21, 2008

Improvements to Asbery Field

I would like to express my appreciation and support for the recent ongoing improvements to Asbery Field in Marysville by several community groups. This group includes HomeStreet Bank, Marysville School District, Marysville Parks and Recreation, and the Marysville Church Community. The new landscaping, ball field fencing, and trail is noticeable when you drive or walk along 4th Street.

  • Oct 21, 2008