Nehring has my support | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

Dear Editor, with careful consideration of the candidates for Marysville Mayor I will be supporting Jon Nehring.

Dear Editor, with careful consideration of the candidates for Marysville Mayor I will be supporting Jon Nehring.

Issues like the bridge at 156th have been criticized by his opponent without forethought to the process. The 156th Street transportation plan shows long-range thinking. It is the final leg of the Lakewood Crossing shopping center in Smokey Point thus providing traffic relief to shoppers and residences alike. It avoids the railroad delays by being east of the tracks and is not hindered by a school to the east as it is at 136th. It will be the catalyst to creating an income and employment stream from economic development for all of North County. It will move traffic east into a large employment hub and send it back for the sales tax. It could also connect Hwy. 9 with I-5 sometime in the future.

I wish Kelly Wright would have run for City Council or applied for a Planning Commission seat prior to his bid for Mayor. It is a good way to get acquainted with our city and gain accurate local knowledge.

Becky Foster

Planning Commissioner (Retired)



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