Look at Larsen’s record


I read the Rick Larsen promotional piece in the Jan. 13 edition of the Arlington Times. Although Rick claims that he is all about creating jobs, his record belies the claim. He has consistently voted in lock-step with the Nancy Pelosi agenda.

That means he has supported budget-busting legislation that will eventually lead to inflation and job-killing higher taxes such as the middle of the night, unread, 2,000 page pork-filled stimulus package, the Health Care Bill with $500 billion in new taxes and special deals for big pharmaceuticals and specific states, a bloated federal budget and others. He has supported card check to force people into unions they may not want like the states teachers already are, he has supported cynical minimum wage legislation even though he surely knows that it shafts teens and entry level workers, and he supports the job-killing cap and trade legislation. Most shocking of all is his vote to continue funding for the criminal ACORN organization found guilty of voter registration fraud, despite indisputable, video evidence of multiple ACORN offices willingness to support illegally importing minors into this country for purposes of prostitution.

Take a look at Mr. Larsen’s record. He is exactly the sort of politician that we need to dispense with in the next election.

William R. Buchanan


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