Letters to the editor

Miller best pick

My personal interaction with Ray Miller veteran to veteran is that he is an exceptional leader, a very compassionate individual, pays attention to detail and enthusiastically will walk a mile with you.

I am speaking from a personal experience with Ray Miller, who supported me and helped me navigate the Department of Veterans Affairs paperwork for years regarding my service-connection disability case.

Ray has assisted thousands of veterans all across this nation and is very capable to be an outstanding councilman for Snohomish County. Ray has displayed the ability to relate to the common person and then speak to elected officials at all levels.

Ray is knowledgeable, has insight and sees the bigger picture, ensuring all voices will be heard at the table.

In today’s world, we need more Ray Millers advocating for those who are voiceless. We need him to help with the growth of the county in the next decade.

Ray Miller is the right person for Snohomish County Council Position 1.

If you vote for Ray Miller, you are making a wise decision.

Herbie Martin,

Mill Creek

Nehring started fast

The opioid and heroin crisis has left many of our fellow community members in dire straits. Many of us know of someone who has experienced the stranglehold of addiction. If we are going to address this epidemic, it will take passionate, committed leaders like Snohomish County Councilman Nate Nehring.

Nate hit the ground running as our councilman and has since taken steps to make our communities safer and help those in need. He understands that this is a multi-pronged problem that only will be solved with collaboration and action. He has worked with local law enforcement, community leaders, medical professionals and the faith community to support and implement productive approaches like youth education and on-the-ground intervention.

He also realizes that it will take concentrated law enforcement efforts to address those who have no desire to seek recovery and get back onto their feet. If we all do our part and work with leaders like Councilman Nehring, we can make a positive impact on our communities. Nate Nehring deserves to be elected to the County Council to continue the good work he has started.

Janice Mittelman,

Granite Falls

Wright the right choice

I am writing to encourage the voters in Marysville to re-elect Donna Wright to the Marysville City Council.

Donna works hard for her community and is well respected by her peers throughout the county. I have had the honor of working with Donna on the Board of Health (overseeing the Snohomish Health District) the last four years. Marysville is very well represented by Donna and her advocacy for improving the health of all our communities. Donna is a dedicated public servant who deeply cares about the future of Marysville and Snohomish County. Please support Donna Wright and Marysville by voting to re-elect Donna Wright.

Terry Ryan, Snohomish County Council member

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