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Re-elect judge

Re-elect judge

I am proud to endorse the re-election of Judge Kristen Olbrechts.

Olbrechts is an exceptional example of what a judge should be: principled, accountable and impartial. Olbrechts has 27 years of experience across the legal spectrum as a defense attorney, prosecutor and now judge.

During her long legal career and during her past term in office, she has worked to keep communities safe while also granting defendants fair trials. Olbrechts knows what matters to Snohomish County citizens.

Olbrechts will serve our county with her legal expertise and dedication. Join me in voting for a leader with unmatched experience.

Barb Tolbert,


Olbrechts not a good judge

I am writing to encourage citizens to vote for Jennifer Rancourt for Snohomish County District Court, Cascade Division.

As a paralegal having had the opportunity to speak with numerous attorneys and clients (both plaintiffs and defendants) I found a recurring theme of negativity from most of them concerning Kristen Olbrechts.

I have sat in court while Olbrechts was presiding and was flabbergasted as to her manner of holding court. She appeared to not utilize good judicial temperament but instead a dangerous over-controlling dominance that teetered on incompetence. It appeared to me that this was not a position for this person to be in. Instead of patience, open-mindedness, courtesy, tact, firmness, understanding, compassion and humility, I observed a biased judge that didn’t seek to achieve the right result but rather sought to serve her own personal likes and dislikes that have nothing to do with the legal issues. The ability to express oneself clearly, concisely and grammatically, whether orally or in writing, was missing as she made overt mistakes and her ability to listen was limited at best. Amazingly it is done openly enough to be perceived, but not enough to be sanctioned. I observed her opening court nearly an hour late and then attempting to continue the case as she did not want to do any real work. When one finds a judge always trying to muscle their way out of trials, that may be a lazy judge. Olbrechts is incompetent and biased and should not be re-elected.

Jennifer Rancourt is the right person to serve as judge in the Cascade Division of Snohomish County District Court. She will bring dignity back to this court. Rancourt has the integrity, experience and commitment to be an outstanding judge.

John Donn, Arlington

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