Button Gear Work Wear offers hard-wearing clothes

MARYSVILLE — Greg McCarthy knows the importance of hard-wearing clothing, having worked 35 years in the building industry, in construction and lumber.

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MARYSVILLE — Greg McCarthy knows the importance of hard-wearing clothing, having worked 35 years in the building industry, in construction and lumber.

“For the past couple of years, though, I’ve been more involved in the textile side of it,” said McCarthy, during the official grand opening of his Button Gear Work Wear store, in Suite A of 9317 State Ave. in Marysville, on Tuesday, Feb. 4. “It had sparked a few ideas, and my wife and daughter and I decided to make a go of this business.”

McCarthy explained that not only does he stock premium brand-name work wear such as Carhartt, but also more affordable gear that’s no less hard-wearing.

“Carhartt was the biggest nut to crack, because we obviously had to carry their clothes, but we also wanted to stock products that offered the same quality and craftsmanship at a lower cost,” McCarthy said. “Either way, you’ll be able to get quality non-slip work boots here, with durable safety features like steel toes.”

McCarthy himself is a big fan of Key apparel, another brand he carries, thanks to his experiences of testing the durability of items such as its double-front pants out in the field.

“Even though we live in Monroe, we shop here in Marysville all the time, which is how we found out that this store space was available,” McCarthy said. “We’re running this business based on how our local clientele is pushing us. Over the course of the past month, we’ve found that our customers prefer larger sizes, so we’ve tailored our purchases to accommodate them. We’re asking the community to make this their store, by making it more customer-driven.”

Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring, who conducted the ribbon-cutting for Button Gear Work Wear on the morning of its official grant opening, touted its uniqueness within the community.

“Supplying this type of work wear fills a need locally,” Nehring said. “I’m excited by the success that they’re going to have here.”

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